Help wanted spending money and improving my system.

I’ve got the upgrade itch and would like feedback on what piece should be replaced or what should be added.  If this system was yours, which piece would you replace and what would you buy as a replacement or what would you add to improve the sound/experience.  I’m not considering replacing my cabling at this point in time.  Please, 1 item only.  So, what would you add or replace?  I’m very happy with what I’ve put together, but I’ve got the itch, and scratching is not enough!!  Current system:  Carver Crimson amp, Primaluna Dialogue preamp, Schiit Yggdrasil D/A, Schiit Lokius equalizer, Jays CD player Mk III, Oppo 103 (for SACD only) Thorens TD145 with Ortofon 2M Bronze, M&K V75 sub, Klipsch R-15 sub, Roon Nucleus, Mac mini server (for iTunes) and Goldenear Triton References, home made bass traps.

If you’re happy and just have the itch, how about some different tubes for your preamp? Itch would be scratched with minimal trauma
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Great idea thanks streamerdude!  Any thoughts or experience with which tubes for replacements?
Easy enough for me- upgrade to Tekton Moab.  

Either that, or put your current speakers on Townshend Podiums.
Thanks MC.  My speakers are on a concrete floor with a 3/4 dense rubber floor covering.  I spiked the speakers to penetrate the rubber and contact the concrete sub floor.  I am very satisfied the the GE refs.  Thank you for the suggestions…
Don’t own that preamp, but I’m sure a lot of audiogoners do and can give suggestions 
"...If you’re happy and just have the itch, how about some different tubes for your preamp? Itch would be scratched with minimal trauma..."

An excellent suggestion. 
I would not trade in those speakers. 
Tube? How about a Gold Lion KT 77? I love those on my speakers and they're 87 db sensitivity; yours are 92 db. They have a luscious, intimate midrange. Your speakers and sub will keep the bass tight, too.

Other than that, an R2R DAC would be on my list. Orchid/MHDT or Audio G-D or Audio Tubadour III would be my short list pics.
Purchasing "just because?"

 Long term-Get rid of your LP  setup, start over. Get a proper phonostage while you're at it.

The 2 innermost tubes in the PL will make the most noticeable sonic difference. The rectifiers also, are claimed to make a sonic "improvement." YMMV
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How about upgrading to dedicated lines and a quality power conditioner or re-generator. 
Yogiboy,  my bad I failed to mention my tt pre is an entry Schiit.  I've had the tt since I bought it in the 70's.  Just recently got it down changed belt cleaned replace wiring etc and bought a cartridge and pre.  I have purchased about 10 albums but very rarely play it.  I primarily am digital.  I'm probably not going to invest any more money in the TT.  It primarily has nostalgic value only.  But I really appreciate your comments and advice.
Having the itch is great… over many years or a lifetime it can bring you to own a tremendous system enabling great musical enjoyment.

I learned over time to bring my system up to the point that all components were acting synergistically and at there maximum potential, at that level. Then, when I got the itch, I would choose to improve one component significantly… basically to the next level. I would get a noticeable improvement in sound, but I knew that the rest of my equipment was holding this new piece of equipment back. Then over the next few years I would bring the rest of the components up to that level and tweak interconnects, power cables and quit. Then not upgrade for many years… being really happy where I was at.

So, in that light are you looking for a weak performer to bring up to the level of your other components? Or, are you looking to move your system to the next level of performance? If you are looking to have a truly fantastic system some day, a good rule of thumb is in order to move up a level,  you must double or more the cost of a component (you can somewhat mitigate this by buying used, or finding new really valuable components for the money like your Yggdrasil).

Thanks tom6897, I recently purchased a furman power conditioner and am exploring a dedicated circuit for power.  
Looking over your components, they look good, roughly at the same performance level. So unless you are looking to start an upgrade cycle then…

I would install a direct line (10 gauge). I just installed my second (just for my amp) and was surprised at the improvement. I would also experiment taking the equalized out of your system. I have always found them to degrade the sound. 

The Furman power conditioner a good choice. But it all depends on your house. Try with and without. Most places it helps, but occasionally a power conditioner will degrade the sound.
Upgrade the digital will be a substantial upgrade, what’s your 
budget ?  I have been through a bunch of dacs spending $5 k 
andup isa substantial jump in musicality and naturalness,detail.
A excellent upgrade is the Bricasti M3 dac ,and a huge bonus is their Roon end point Streamer board with many trickle down technologies from their $$ dacs and all linear power supplies 
and a bunch of upper end technologies using Ethernet cable is a big improvement and everything is filtered,isolated and converted 
And  2 less cables,made in USA and quality throughout. 
How about RCA cables. Check out Hapa Audio cables, specifically the Quiescence series. Even in my budget setup they made a world of difference in resolution and soundstage.
Listen to MC and/or treat your room. Your system components are fine as is and as someone else has said, if you make an upgrade to one of them, where do you stop?
If vinyl is important to you, think about an upgrade to your turntable//cartridge/phono pre rig. 
Since Synergistic Research's High-Frequency Transducers have been mentioned, anyone care to share their experiences?

There seems to be a decent explanation here: SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH HFT X.

What if you've got a Home Theatre System with too many speakers to treat? 
I watched a video on NPS-1260 Three Dimensionality Enhancer and it was a decent sell but it lost me when power cables were also treated.

I still wonder if in room treatment might be better. 
The best option for you is to upgrade your DAC.  It all starts with the signal.

Happy Listening.
If you are unfamiliar with what real live music sounds like....go to live music concerts.   Once you understand what your goal is, you can determine what/how to get that sound into your home.
I would change the dac and try the Wyred 4 sound 10th anniversary dac much better than what you got very analog sounding dacs, has beaten much more expensive dacs, cost is $4, 500 US but the company gives you a 30-day trial.
Additional room treatment, specifically first reflection points.  You'll be amazed at the improvement.  I see you already have some DIY bass traps.  DIY if possible to save a few bucks.  I did years ago and was amazed.  Or, if you are just itching to spend money, do some research on the different companies out there.  Many 'philes speak highly of GIK. 
PS.  In case you explore this path, and need DC power supplies, check out iFi.  Best bang for the buck and though they are smps's, they have replaced all my fancy LPS's at a fraction of the price with much improved performance and convenience. 
Re the PS, apologies. It seems my long msg did not get posted...will rewrite later today
Per the above and in consideration of what was mentioned above:
1. Power: dedicated 20amp line to your listening room terminating in a non ferromagnetic audiophile outlet. 2. Power regeneration or conditioning: PS Audio PowerPlants or Audioquest Niagara conditioners. There are others. 3. Better cabling, interconnects, and digital cables. 4. Fuses. 5. Additional EMI mitigation: Synergistic Research products and Greenwave EMI filters. Inside components you can use Dyanmat or Noico. 6. Component and or speaker couplers or decouplers/isolators: Isoacoustics and regular all rubber hockey pucks (from eBay)! 7. Digital tweaks like switches, Ethernet cables, USB filters, clocks. You wanted to spend money? You came to the right place!
knowing your budget would be very helpful - would help us to focus on useful options
Get a High Fidelity Cables Double Helix Signature power conditioner just added one to my system wow what a difference. Simply plugged it into my power distributor so it treats all components. They're even on sale right now, but the difference was incredible.
The 2 most obvious choices for me would be (yes, I know the OP only asked for one).
1) replace the DAC with a Bryston BDP3 which has HDMI inputs.  Then program the Oppo to output DSD over HDMI and you can enjoy the DSD layer of your SACDs.  The Bryston is also a better DAC than what you currently have and so this upgrade will be the most significant.
2)replacing the Mac Mini is for me an obvious second choice

Given that your system is prey much done, I would invest on power equipment.

Would start with a IFI AC Purifier or a Isotek AC conditioner.


Get a better TT/arm and cartridge. The new $1800 Technics would be a significant upgrade.
Dream question.  Lovely system, by the way. A number of the components have been in my wish list at one time or another!
I have found that the new tech tweaks will improve a system far more than changing components.  I will list the progression where I have found the most dramatic changes in my path, ending in delight (for the time being). You can stop anywhere - you said only one change, but I suspect you wont, if you do decide to go this route.

1) HFT's are brilliant.  I have 30-40 in my room.  The first 5 give a taste of where they are taking your room...However, you will still need to diffuse early reflection points no matter how many you have. There are ten of these points, unless the reflected signal path is 17 or more feet longer than the direct signal.  If appearance is not a constraint, then use the new cheap foam diffusers, less than a couple 100 for all 10.  

2) Good component footers. I have tried everything under the sun.  The ones that stand out in that they embody a new concept - drain entropy from your system (whatever that means) are the centre stage footers from Critical Mass Systems.  Forget about anything else no matter the price (my previous ones cost 5 times what these cost).   Check reviews.  Suggest buy one set (CS2's are available in the used market, the new CS2M's are not) then go running back for more.  Base price for one set of 4 CS2M, is around 1000/-. 

3) Switches.  Install reclocking switches in your digital chain as close to the DAC as possible.  I have a cascade of 3 top ones, and each was a new adventure.... Uptone audio make the EtherRegen, great product. Cheapest and among the best money can buy in terms of Sound Quality.   If you install more than one, learn about fibre connecters. They blow away copper.  A good resource to learn is Start at 650/- for a single ER, other companies much more expensive for equivalent quality.

4) External clocks.  These make magic but you have to have the infrastructure.  Again best resource to learn and buy is Afterdark.

This progression has brought me to where I am not currently lusting after my next upgrade.  

Hope this was helpful.

Please read my earlier 2 messages again after this, if these suggestions interest you.
Best wishes
@aubreybobb: "...they embody a new concept - drain entropy from your system (whatever that means) ..." This sounds like something from the Flat Earth Science textbook! If you actually believe this I have a lucrative investment plan for bridge ownership!
All good stuff but nothing stellar and maybe this is why you have the upgrade itch. Maybe also integrate and simplify. 
Maybe get a really good preamp with a stepped attenuator. The Primaluna, while being a decent preamp, has a Alps attenuator. While, not bad, it's not stellar. Go for the preamp as if it will be the last one you buy. Everything plugs into the you will get an improvement everywhere.

Consider a full function preamp:
You could also get a preamp (luxman or McIntosh) that includes a decent DAC, phono and some EQ functions and clean things up.
The question I have is ... why would one spend money to upgrade equipment when one hasn’t gotten the best from the equipment one already owns? Following are some suggestions that will help a total system perform at its best:

In addition to the SR HFT’s and the new SR Purple fuses that I recommended in my above post that the moderators found reason to remove, I also recommend the following products THAT HAVE WORKED FOR ME.

1. Hallograph Soundfield Optimizer by Shakti. I have four of them, one in each corner of the room. An amazing product of flimsy build quality that really makes a difference in getting your room under control.

2. Sound Application Power Conditioner. Originally very expensive (4300.), they can be found on the used market for around 1/4 of the original price. An outstanding product that helps clean up the power. In addition to the power conditioner, you will also need a 20 amp power cord, so try to get the seller to throw that in as well.

3. Herbie’s Tube Dampeners. These innovative devices reduce micro-vibrations in your vacuum tubes. They are MUCH better than the stock ones supplied with ARC electronics.

4. Perfect Path Technologies products. While no longer in business, PPT put out a lot of innovative products. You’ll have to look at the used market for them at this point. Highly recommended are their Omega "Plus" mats.
Also, if you can find a PPT "Gate" on the used market at a good price, snap it up. It originally sold for $5,000 retail, but it was like an upgrade to the system that would have cost many times that amount.

5. Maple Shade Maple platforms for use under speakers that are on a raised foundation. These made an overall improvement, especially in the bass region. And of course, if you can control the bass, everything else seems to improve right along with it. The unfinished ones are the most affordable, and they are what I use. The platforms are spiked through the carpet, then the speakers are spiked to the platforms.

That’s it for now.

Fastninja, you have a very nice hi-fi system! It probably sounds about as good as it’s ever going to already. Why not send a generous donation to a worthy charity. There are a lot of people in need these days for a lot of different reasons then sit back and enjoy the music with your newfound satisfaction.
+1 @oregonpapa 

Try as many tweaks as you can (based on your budget, space and patience level) before making such a big decision, otherwise you risk "throwing out the baby with bathwater."

Personally I tried a similar do it yourself solution for controlling speaker vibrations. I reluctantly switched to the Iso Acoustics Gaia footers for my speakers and I was stunned by the positive improvements. Like any specific tweak, you'll have multiple products to choose from no matter what component or issue that you choose to tweak. Good luck with your process.
we were golden ear Reference dealers had a trade in dialogue, and are roon dealers, so we have had a similar setup

step1 you need a better preamp

furmans suck you wont hear any improvement look at isotek they work much better.but cost more

isoacoustics work wonders on the references we hads ours on them.

also upgrade the nucleus to a better server

we import the 432Evo servers from belgium the difference between the two servers is very audibile.

Dave and Troy
Audio intellect NJ
US importer 432Evo servers
"step1 you need a better preamp

Interesting when DEALERS who don't carry said particular brand(otherwise gets praise from end users and mags)needs to get replaced. Pathetic and telling
"...Interesting when DEALERS who don’t carry said particular brand(otherwise gets praise from end users and mags)needs to get replaced. Pathetic and telling.."

Even if the pre-amp IS the weak link? The PrimaLuna is a nice pre but not world class from what I'm hearing. You cannot have too much pre-amp.