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Is a scam site?
 mc1969, you beat me too it!   If anyone's provided any sensitive details, I'd be very worried.      
Am I broken? Am I stuck? Do I have to return my audiophile card now?
Is it the speakers or the outlandish styling that impresses?  
My history with treble.
erik_squires   This sounds like a random circuit being thrown in to solve a random non-existent problem. An absolutely false assumption. Each driver was carefully tested with a Dayton Audio Test System DATS-V3 and the components were deter... 
My history with treble.
That's the best description I've ever read of harsh treble. Even with good tweeters, it's still there to some degree. There is a fantastic solution, but since it requires some DIY, it's not for everyone. Have you noticed almost every loudspeaker ... 
using 230Volts Hifi components in the Usa
Be certain your gear can function properly, at 60 Hz.                                    Especially: the Cassette Deck’s motor. Are you certain the motor is AC? I'd expect it to be more likely DC.  
Can you have too much speaker presence?
Size matters.  Buy the biggest speaker your will (wife) will let you have. Sensible advice. Just because you have a bigger speaker doesn't necessarily mean you have to drive it as hard as the smaller speaker. Both speakers at the same listening... 
External DAC?
I've found that fitting a 12v DC board from PD Creative, so there's no AC in the Bluesound, is well worth the exercise. A Topping D90SE Desktop USB DAC with a high quality USB cable makes a difference.  
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
Who says tubes are better. Although I must claim total ignorance, as I didn't past the comment that tubes are warm because they produce harmonic distortion. Not something I'd ever want.    
When Will the DAC Singularity Be Reached?
A DAC by nature needs to fill in (guess) the gaps between the digital sampling rates, so a higher rate per second (aka Hz) will produce a more accurate output. That's why, when available, I prefer my source to have a 192k sample rate. A compariso... 
Can an audio rack be that important?
1-to begin with put your gear on the floor and invest your money in the best pair of speakers you can afford. that is the quickest path to the best sound. if your significant other wants the gear on some nice piece of furniture don’t worry about ... 
Why do speakers improve with more powerful amps?
"headroom" is also a marketing term. Utter garbage! Don't make wild, unsubstantiated assumptions. If you don't understand the term, it's not that hard to find an explanation. You don't even need a book. Just a computer and browser, so there can... 
Acoustic Sounds site is down.....
Surely you're aware site temporarily go off-line from time to time. Just be patient.  
Transparent Audio Digital Coax Cable
I wouldn't go past QED Signature Audio 40.  
Ethernet Switch- what's the point?
$1,349.00 for a LHY SW-10 is a hell of lot to spend on something that might not make much or any improvement. We'd probably all go broke it we adopted the recommendation to try for ourselves.  
Bluesound Powernode
Can't say I agree. Fitted the Node with a DC supply and attached a high end. Sounds terrific.