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John Mayall has passed away
I really enjoyed Toots and the Mayalls  
Sony or Panasonic 4K Player vs. Magnetar or Reavon Universal Player
If you are waiting for the 105 to die it might be a long wait.  If the priority is for video I would spend a few hundred for a nifty Blu Ray player that isn’t a Universal Player.  If you play SACD/DVD-A/Blu Ray Audio continue to use the Oppo 105 u... 
Solo streamer
I think that AirPlay on the Cambridge streamer is very good-and Chromecast is excellent-but given the price differential between the Aurender and the CA I would have hoped that they would at least been equivalent in AirPlay  
New Esoteric K-03XD
A really good SACD player should also enhance plain vanilla red book CDs  
Solo streamer
Hopefully the shipping snafu doesn’t enter into the time you have with the unit before you decide if you want to return it.   Issues like this always negatively impact my evaluation of a component because my emotions get involved.  Of course it s... 
Are Marantz and Bowers & Wilkens becoming pawns in Masimo's internal fight?
Interesting thread, even if no one is participating in it.  I haven’t bought a Denon or Marantz component in years but I can’t see how letting these companies atrophy due to corporate greed is a good thing for audio  
AI-Written Stereophile Articles
Like, could people cite specific articles that they view as suspicious?  
DCS Sending Legal Notice To Reviewer (Golden Sound) Over an Old Review of Their Bartok DAC
@viridian + 1  
DCS Sending Legal Notice To Reviewer (Golden Sound) Over an Old Review of Their Bartok DAC
It’s really a convoluted I said you said.  Having read the dCS response I would note: 1) they admit that they sent intimidating emails 2) the make many references to demands made by their legal counsel, and deadlines set to meet those demands.  ... 
A DAC for the Oppo 105
I’ve been using a 105 for years.  I have had 2 external DACs with it.  The first was a Mytek Manhatten, and currently a Bryston DAC 3.  I especially value the HDMI inputs on the Bryston and output the DSD layer of SACDs with the 105.   The intern... 
Solo streamer
@cleeds     I used a company that networks small offices for Ethernet wiring.  An electrician can do it but there are so many companies that do this for IT and are less expensive.    
DCS Sending Legal Notice To Reviewer (Golden Sound) Over an Old Review of Their Bartok DAC
Wow if a reviewer tries to extort a manufacturer it would seem the manufacturer could document the extortion attempt and put it out there.  The loss of credibility would end that reviewing career.   And I suppose the reverse is true.  The reviewe... 
Solo streamer
I used powerline adapters for a few years and don’t recommend going that route.  I ultimately bit the bullet and paid someone to Ethernet wire the home ( and simultaneously install an antenna for OTA TV signals, as both of these required going dee... 
The comments about Magnetar having the involvement of former Oppo engineers is very telling.  The set up menus for the two brands are just two similar to me to be explained by coincidence.   Could you expound a bit more on your last paragraph?  
Well Recorded Classical Symphonic Recordings
The emphasis in the OP seems to be recording quality primarily so I will limit my recommendations to that. Beethoven Cycle-the Herrewighe SACD cycle is the most natural sounding digital Beethoven that I know of.  A great sounding cycle from Heyda...