Why are Trolls not blocked

Thats it. Why are the obvious repeat trolls not blocked from using this site by the mods?
You would rob us of this rich perverse entertainment?  This is all some of us have.  The rantings of self-absorbed thermophiles.  Perish the thought man.  

Now be a good bloke and submit something lame and agitating. 
WHAT? Move on, if you can't handle reading nonsense. Don't comment.

Now and then, I need a good laugh at the responses. BRING IT!

Right. Like the mods aren't bad enough already. Its one of the worst features of modern life, the way people think they have the right to silence others because they have a password.

They already bias web searches, tweets, news, and videos. Now you want to give them the power to decide which people are worth being heard and who to silence even on a rinky dink audio nerd site. Wonderful. 

This is what happens when a whole generation grows up knowing nothing of history, philosophy, anything really. The ignorance is appalling. 

No. What we should do instead is let everyone post everything. Only the poster should be able to delete anything. But even as things now stand at least we are all free to read and decide for ourselves. There are people whose posts I almost never bother to read. I see the name, I know to skip on by, because they seldom if ever have anything of value to say. 

Yet every once in a while a seemingly useless comment creates a, hate to use the term but, teachable moment. Every garbled idea is an opportunity to ungarble and maybe even illuminate. Its all in how you choose to look at it.

So, to summarize, you are asking:
to give up your right to choose for yourself;
to force ME to give up MY right to choose for myself;
to give it to people with a proven track record of abuse;
and forfeit learning opportunities you cannot even imagine;
all so you can feel a little less need to actually pay attention and choose what to read.

Really? Really????!

I resent being called a troll! (Okay I did create one troll post in protest because I couldn’t stand having to scroll past the garbage being hoisted upon this site). The truly frustrating thing is that there is way to discuss even counter intuitive topics without making controversial blanket statements or attention wh@“ring.

And while this type of nonsensical posting can work in the short term to raise view count, eventually it may very well cause people to seek out more “serious” audio sites.

The easy answer is to implement an ignore feature. 



In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain.

The forum poobahs won’t block out the repeaters, but we can automatically and instinctively ignore them, so we don’t feed the troll to skip the bull💩

Thanks Akg/ca for posting the definition.
I’ve alway wondered what an internet troll exactly was. If it’s a rude and disagreeable person, it’s a reminder to me to be kind and understanding of the poster. On the other hand I’ve read many of inflammatory responses to postings, because of someone being rubbed the wrong way or them being a grouch in their personal demeanor. Are they trolls as well? This is a reminder to be kind, understanding, and diplomatic with our responses. Thanks!
That's something you need to ask Agon it's their site they can monitor it as they see fit. It has nothing to do with free speech as those who have no idea what that means in a constitutional sense would have you believe. It's  a private site not a public forum.


Oh, I get my popcorn bowl and beverage out :)


The mods will regularly shut down discussions for what seems like no valid reason at all. Other times they will let threads go on far too long. Some people seem unable to follow very simple rules and can't keep their political peckers in their pants


I wasn't projecting :) And I agree. The sad state of threads/posters will drive people away. 


True all that


It's not easy, thats why it is as it is. And you are correct. Kindness is sadly under utilized


Asked out of curiosity really. (not something I care to make a cause) And yes, some do get their "free speech" banners out not realizing this is a private forum. 
I called out a troll on Facebook and was put in Facebook jail for 5 days.  You don’t want that happening here. 
A lot of nonsense is tolerated here. Nonsense is a big part of high end audio and good for business it seems. It is what it is. This site is primarily for selling things so there you go. It’s like QVC but with less censorship.

You CAN learn a lot about high end audio here, both good and bad. 
A lot of people get accused of trolling at some point. The internet would be a ghost town if everyone did that.
@jond  & @dwmaggie.....because the listeners aren't particularly perfect, either....;)
Due to whatever another may be claiming, or not...

The problem with an 'open forum', one could point out...is that it's Open.

One can agree...or not.

Ain't it grand! *VBS*
As a Norwegian, I suppose I qualify as a Troll. Although, not sitting under a bridge...


Hear! Hear! We're in the age of information but no one has the capacity to process it
We’re in the age of misinformation with a conspiracy theory behind every shrub. There is enough of that slop all over the internet no need to have it here as well with trolls posting links to these dubious sites. I’ve seen these trolls linking to conspiracy theories on that virus going around this site doesn’t need to enable this idiocy.
There’s WAY too much Cancel Culture, already.     It's needed here, as well?
"As a Norwegian, I suppose I qualify as a Troll. Although, not sitting under a bridge..."
What kind of Troll does not sit under the bridge? Probably a Troll that is trying to pretend he is a Troll. The ultimate Troll Troll.
glubson should know. He’s Swedish. Hey, glubson, say 999 in Swedish. 🤗
I recently thought of quite the conspiracy theory.  The Troll is actually a ruse meant to frustrate users into opting for the Insider option to avoid the nonsense posts.  
In one way or another we are all trolls.  Who gets to decide when someone crosses the line?
OP Why are Trolls not blocked?
Because if they can be left alone to get to the other side of the road, maybe they will leave there mates and won't produce anymore trolls.
It's a future thinking thing.  
I too grow tired of the same trolls posting the same things over and over.  However,this is America,and as far as I know we aren't totally censored. Not yet at least. That means that even trolls get to spew their ignorance. 
  I just try to not view any threads started by the trolls. It's easy,because we all know who they are. Unfortunately,they don't always start the threads they pollute.
I see far more bloviating blowhards than trolls on this forum. If you want to see some troll action go to the watch enthusiast forum watchuseek(WIS).