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What new gear have you just bought?
I wanted to get all this dialed in before fall and winter comes. Swiss digital fuse box here. Installed it. Giving it some time to breath. It is doing very nicely so far. Also got a Puron I will install after the fuse box settles in. Then I got a ... 
3C24 tube amp recently converted to 812 ouput power tubes.
' just don't make life too important to enjoy it. Appreciate and enjoy, that's my motto'. Beautiful and kind view Dan. Thank you for those words.  
When I moved my listening seat 1 foot forward. But I don't know how long I am off it though..  
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
I had a Yamaha CR 820 and some Tannoy Cheviots in the late 70's. That combination is my baseline today. It was pretty much perfect to me. To each his own, right?  
Next Level Hifi
Thanks Juan. I am not surprised that a good consultation brings a lot to the table for the person being helped. I grew up around audio(not audio stores, just nice systems) starting in 1967,  later did some work(building work) for some high end sto... 
Next Level Hifi
Nice to hear. How valuable such individuals are including blisshifi. I have tried many times and never put together a system as well as my dealer. I have tuned it in to my liking pretty good, but never put a system together as well. I hope we can ... 
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
John Prine Levon Helms Lyle Lovett Johnny Cash    
Are cables additive or subtractive?
If this makes any sense here it is. I have Van den Hul ’The First’ ic’s. They seem to take the most away in the sound that is electronicy, edgey, glary, thin, ghosty, and leaves a more natural sound. I have some audio art 3SE’s that seem to make t... 
Are cables additive or subtractive?
Both it seems. I use them as small final sound adjustments. Sometimes it adds something I like and sometimes it takes something away I like. I have about 8 sets of different ic's. And to me I t seems I can count on them changing the sound the same... 
Van Morrison Latest Record Project
I don't get tired of Van or John. They have created a ton of good sound art.    
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Technics receiver and Koss headphones in 1972 at about 3000 south State St Salt Lake City, Inkley’s Camera Shop, about 3 years later I got a Yamaha Natural Sound CR 820 receiver, Tannoy Cheviots, Technics Direct Drive turntable and ortofon cartrid... 
cheapest cable upgrade ever
I appreciate the sharing and the post antigrunge2. Thanks I will try it, because it is so easy. Thanks again.  
What are we objectivists missing?
  djones51 We can measure the audible spectrum for humans. We can even measure the spectrum for dogs and dolphins so I have no idea what your asking for. Thyname +1 You are confusing "listening" skills with "hearing" abilities. Not sure if on ... 
First impressions of the Isoacoustic Gaia 1’s
Thanks Bdp24. I have the Gaia III on one set of speakers and they were a nice improvement on carpet over concrete in my basement. And so I wanted the Gaia II on my other speakers also. Now I will get the pods and make my own out riggers. Nice and ... 
Sierra Eagleson - New Videos
Beautiful. Thanks