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Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you?
Millercarbon is perfect, just ask him. Apparently his favorite game as ( still as) a child was you’re it and I quit. Never ever in the kind old days of this site would you see a childish answer in a forum like this.  
Has "politically correct" killed the used audio market?
The 20 year old at the bank is now Vice President of the branch with a card to boot. All salslesmen are associates... not only is my used audio used in a smoke free environment, it’s also drug and disease free.  
Does Bluesound have a new product launch coming?
The OP just asked a simple question. Why can’t so many of you just answer the question? The extraneous questions and statements sound like you’re mimicking a bad parent 
High end Class D amps?
Bel Canto 
moody soundtracks
The Revenant soundtrack by Sakamoto 
Audiophile demographics?
Women like the concert- social part of music and occasionally comment how they like some music I’m playing at home or in the car, but they much prefer talking which usually means I have to turn down the sound of my music to hear what they say. 
How do you know if you are upgrading your DAC?
The OPs question might as well apply to any component in the chain.  
Questions that Never Die
why are audiophiles obsessed with a micro scratch on the bottom of a chassis? 
The conclusion I've reached about speakers
If a malignant narcissist had a pet narcissist it would be the OP 
What are your thoughts on the "Edsels" of the audio history?
The Edsel was a piece of crap .  I grew up I’m the motor city and have stories galore of “ quality control” back in the day from friends who actually worked on the assembly line. One example: Chrysler thought hammers were screw drivers.... 
Can an “audiophile” ever be satisfied with a system?
Millercarbon said it all 
Minimum standards within the High end speaker industry
Presenting the Ralph Nader of the audio industry, Unsafe at Any Sound.  
What's your definition of an audiophile?
Most of us audiophiles are poor souls who began as a music lovers, but eventually morphing into critical listeners who focus on sound. Every now and then we are at peace with our system, allowing us to enjoy the music again. 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
Do The Twist With Ray Charles 
You can Vote for Most Valuable Lead Vocals (Rock Groups)