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best amp for a Maggy 1.7i
jros,    I received my 1.7i s in June of of 21.  After a year of listening to all types of music, I am very satisfied with the current system, all digital amps. Digital Amp Co, 4800A 200wpc, sent back for a new transformer due to tranny buzz.  Up... 
What is the Bu-ray plauyer that you are using?
Recently purchased a new Panasonic BDUP 9000, My Oppo BD95 was sounding in need of a major repair.  That said the Panasonic is miles above the Oppo for 2 channel.  It was on special for under $900, it took over a week to think about and purchase i... 
Classical? Chinese Music
Mahgister,  Thank you so very much.  The variety is inspiring.  Pressed play on a one hour relaxation sample  
Buying used vs new speakers from a technology perspective
I would really like a pair of AMT 1’s from 1974, sealed box woofer. ESS used cheap woofers in well-designed heavy boxes. The woofers were of the rolled pleated edge surround system, unlike todays cheesy foam surrounds. Rolled edge speaker surround... 
Jay, cdt2
I purchased a Panasonic DB UP9000 last week from an ebay seller.  Came in a Panasonic box.  Last year I purchased a much cheaper Panasonic 4k player from Best Buy.  The boxes both look similar blue with black lettering, same symbols, etc.  Funny t... 
Let me end the Premp/Amplifier sound debate ...
Erik, I would like to know the reason you choose those 3 amps.  Thank you.  
Chip amps, not spoken about much, except on the diy sites.
Interesting amplifier, ASR only got 23 watts at 8 ohms.  Less than half its rated power, and only midfield on their spread of different amps and SINAD.  Can't meet specs yet recommended?  
Moderation/Censorship Poll and surely more...
asv, interesting choice for a dedication-yet it fits the bill.  
Is there a solid fuse-like item that I can use in place of a fuse, to bypass it?
To fuse, or not to fuse, that is not a question, NO.  A fuse by any other name is still a fuse, Yes.  
For all you Bose 901 Haters!
Went to a Bose dealer 1978 or so advertised special one night show.  It was in Tempe, AZ.  Huge Macintosh mono blocks and preamp.  A Revox B77 (?) rtr for source playing a master tape at 15 ips.  It sounded awesome, but not enough for me to give u... 
Power Amp Question
 +1 fuzztone.  
Why are ????????
oldandslow, which roman legion were you the standard bearer for?    
A** Kicking, Rock and Roll!
Infected Mushroom Belphegor    Toten Ritual Rage Against the Machine    Renegades  
What does the word audiogon even mean?
Oregon, re, Audiofoos, I almost hurled my drink, thank you.    
Fascinated By GR Research Channel
Snesvold, thank you, the xover is on my short list.  I did put Magna Risers under them, nice overall improvement.  My DWMs utilize Mye stands.   Blk etc.  You made my point about politics right on the money.  Now about communism, have you ever be...