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Thumper’s Mother
I simply vote for more sophisticated castigation.  Something mildly cutting while delivering a bit of wit and insight.   Lady Astor said to Churchill, “If you were my husband, I’d poison your tea,” to which he responded, “Madam, if you were my wi... 
I just sold my passive Kef system and moving to an active system.
Welcome to active.  Myself, ATC 50A.  No experience with your short list.  Enjoy. I've only to add I never solved using a tube preamp with active as they all seemed too slow for the quick active.  Wish you better success.    
It's the Cicadas!
First radiology contract, Springfield, IL summer 1998 at a Level 1 trauma center, AKA a ‘Knife and Gun Club’.  Cicadas, I was told were in a peak 7 year cycle and they nearly drowned out the sounds of gunfire. Lovely Springfield. Also introduced ... 
Why even bother?
Visit a reputable dealer if at all possible.  Takes a lot of guess work out of it.  
Electric bill any high
Follow the bright orange extension cord running from your outdoor outlet through your fence to the neighbor’s yard.  Might not be obvious, the smarter ones bury it on your side.  
Surge protector
I run this wired/mounted external and away from the circuit box: https://ep2000.com/products/home-protection-products/premium-surge-protection-filter/    
Puritan 136 vs 156 for simple system
OP: What I am wondering here is would it really be worth it to upgrade to the 156 over the 136? I'll stay within that parameter.  I've the 156 and it is terrific.  Upgraded the power cord to Furutech 4.1 which made an uncanny improvement.  Not th... 
Guess who has new speakers in their lab?
The Age of Enlightenment (also the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment) was the intellectual and philosophical movement that occurred in Europe in the 17th and the 18th centuries.[1][2] The Enlightenment featured a range of social ideas centered o... 
Buying Used Speakers
@carlsbad2 1+    I buy 2 year old lease return Volvos and do not expect perfection.  The lack of perfection perfectly fits my bank account.  
Audible illusions to solid state pre
Sugden LS 4.  Class A.  Worth a try.  
Heavy speakers: How to be able to reposition?
Perhaps @rocray has the best response.  I cannot tell you what to do, but do share 25+ years of radiology, shooting x-rays on patients with spine damage and post surgery, provides revenue stream for everyone:  PT, surgery, radiology, orthopedic, l... 
Do you live in a rural or smaller area with no Audiophile Support Nearby??
@tony1954 1+  I’m fully balanced in life, know the products I’m interested in, of no need of marketing and meds free.  If the world could stay in its own lane, it would be greatly appreciated. Audiophile support?  What pray tell is that?  Am I no... 
Your thoughts on best audiophile speakers in $10,000 neighborhood?
@siox +1. I owned the ATC 40 active for years and it is brilliant.  Checks all the boxes.  Not saying superior to your other considerations, just that they should be looked at seriously.  Best of luck.  Cheers  
Opinions about Daniel Hertz
Well, if we're just spending money, 30,000 Euro for an amp, I found a matching stove at .5 million...  https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/500000-dollar-la-cornue-thermador-bertazzoni-oven    
Weiss 501 4 channel upgrade
From memory only, believe it was around $2400 total.  Please do not quote that.