The revolution has begun!

Digital amps along with digital xovers are the future.....and you can have it NOW. I am not going to say that a $1400 Peachtree GaN1 amp will sound better than a $120K MSB Select, $145K Boulder Preamp and Bouder $250K mono blocks with $20K worth of cables in between (over half a million plus power cords and amp stands)......but it did beat the Holo May KTE with the Holo Serene Pre and Kinki B7 mono blocks with $1000 worth of interconnects ($13k). So what will it take to beat this $200 digital board from Elegant Audio Solutions powered from a $100 switching power supply? With a digital amp you do not need a DAC or a preamp or regular amp with feedback, tubes, or transistors. With digital amps you can bi or triamp your speaker drivers directly without the distortion of passive components. In fact, I would bet that if you bought two GaN 1 amps, bought the $600 digital xover from minisdp (with great linear supply and great coax cables) and biamped some drivers directly that it would sound better than most $50K systems. You could get 2 12 inch woofs and mount them on an open baffle and put a beryllium tweenter on top and set the xover to 1K or less (48db per octave). You hardwire your speaker cable to the woofers voice coil wires and use Music Purifiers and Ground Enhancers on each driver.....Bybee Clarifiers on the back of the woofer magnets.......speaker wires hardwired via plastic clamps into the amps (no binding posts or spades allowed here!). Of course, you can triamp.....and manufacturers will soon have powered digital speaker so all you will need is a source.

There will be other manufacturers designing and building digital amps that will (no doubt) be better than the EAS boards.....but they will come at a price. These, yet to be made digital amps will blow the industry wide no more big heavy expensive boxes will ever need to be purchased......but what EAS has not is fantastic. When I do some mods to the Peachtree amp next month it should get a step or two better. Have fun!

I have started a webpage about all this and more and will be updating it continuously.


Finally. Someone in audio has created a revolution. I've been waiting a long time to hear this announcement.

Not in the sense you mean, only make and do a few tweaks/mods. I am excited about these digital amps and the possibilities for incredible sound.....have been around and in the business since the mid 70s.

PS Audio is marketing a SW using a Class D amp. But I haven’t heard a Class D amp I’d ever use for mids or treble.

The digital Xover not my cup of tea , I would rather flavor to the sound I like .

there are tons of great sounding old fashioned class A , class AB amps.

vaccum tube single ended, triode, pentode amps.  My audio sounds real good . gan is just One type of faster type transistor ,there are a ton of other parts of very high quality that makeup a great amp , the $1500 amp has literally$400 into the whole build rule of thumb in mfg 25% goes into the build ,then R&D 

and promoting this too including packaging.   That’s why there is many great products out there , as long as you can afford them.

My amp's better than your amp, my amp's better than yours; my amp's better 'cause it eats Kennel Ration, my amp's better than yours.

This is not a "normal Class D amp".  It changes PCM to PWM in software and then drives a GaN based class D output stage.  It is basically a DAC....a power DAC.  The advantage preamp, no normal DAC, no normal amp and no analog cables in between.  If the "less is more" thang works (and usually it does)...then this is the shortest signal path in existence.....especially when using a digital xover and then you don't need veiled sounding coils, caps, and resistors inside your speaker......this will blow your mind......but, most of you do not understand this or believe otherwise.....that is fine.  For those who really look into this.....they know.....they know this is the revolution that will change forever how amps and speakers are made.....will take at least 5 years to fully be in place as ALL the dealers hate this idea (cannot sell their big, heavy and expensive multi box systems), and most of the manufacturers are already invested in the old paradigm and want to sell you their heavy expensive boxes.  The Peachtree GaN 1 weighs 12 lbs. (200 watts a channel).

I love the Peachtree gear I use now right out of the box for cost and performance with BlueOS and Nova 300 DAC. Most bros around on site here don’t yet have flip phone…

Don’t think Bruno has ever mentioned digital based Class D. He uses normal class D with TONS of feedback. The digital amps have NO feedback. Regular class D needs a DAC in front of it......the digital amps do not. Very different. What is interesting is that Purifi has most of the founders of TACT (Tocatta Tech) that made the first digital amp back in the 90s. It would be very easy for them to design a digital amp......but I guess they are hung up on measurements. A digital amp (because it has no feedback) will not measure anything like a Purifi or Hypex or Orchard. We are talking .05 distortion versus .0002. Do you listen to numbers or do you listen to music? So far, everyone (very few ) who has heard the Peachtree has preferred it to other amps (including the latest high power Purifi).

There is no perfect sound forever.  Digital amps will evolve just like everything.  We have only just begun.....but please keep firing away.....he he.

@ricevs no he has touched on about everything in your post at some point. Google his interviews in trade rags. 

I just got a MiniGaN 5 amp and just started breaking it in. Today's the first day and it sounds great already. I have my KEF LS50 Metas doing break in duty and they have never sounded better. (I've only tried a couple of other amps with them though). Viva la revolution!

To your ears you beat it, but to someone else, it may sound like crap....very subjective hobby....a lot of tail chasing with very little improvement in sound equals a lot of mula wasted....I'm done...

SOTA digital at a bargain price of $1698.00 (while supplies last)!


What @ricevs hasn’t said….we all can guess the fate of a device limited to only one digital input, driven by digital volume in Node 2 or similar….that’s hardly revolutionary,  far from it.

Why wouldn’t I use the GaN 1?

Well, if you NEED to connect more sources than your streamer provides, the GaN 1 is probably not for you. It literally has a single coaxial digital audio input and you can connect ANY device that has a variable coaxial digital audio output: a streamer, a CD player, a TV, a cable box, and so forth.

Have a turntable? Sorry, it won’t connect to the GaN 1 unless you use a streamer.

Want to connect your computer to the GaN 1 via USB? Sorry again, unless it also has a coaxial digital audio output it won’t connect either.

Note: While the GaN 1 only has one coaxial digital audio input, your overall input options may be expanded depending on the connected device you use. For example, the Bluesound NODE streamer also includes an HDMI eARC, optical digital audio, and analog input. These can all be accessed via the BluOS app, greatly expanding the capabilities of a GaN 1-based system.

Just to clarify. If by digital amp you mean one with a DAC in it, OK. But if you mean a class D amp, D does not stand for digital and class D amps are not digital but they are analog. There is encoding but the coding is an analog coding. It's unfortunate that this form of amp is called class D and since there is coding everyone seems to assume it's digital coding. The only reason it's class D is because at the time there were 3 classes of amps, A, B, and C and D comes after C.

As to the quality of class D it's obvious they keep getting better and better every year.

2022 TV’s are much better than 1980 TV’s.  I expect that audio is the same.

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😴 💤

Been using digital amps for years- commercial installations are fine but definitely not for a home reference system (unless it’s just for loud party mode).

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I got this amp coming in soon (maybe next week?). I will first test this out with my KEF LS50 Meta system in the office. This system is really great and has about $20K+ worth of gear. I would not change a thing on this system. I calculated that the GAN1 system (+ streamer parts) will cost a total of $4800. 

My current system in the office is a neutral and clean sounding system (Benchmark gear). The GAN1 should be similar. This is based on my experience owning the LSA Voyager 350 GAN (now sold). The GAN1 is said to be better due to the single box design.

If this is as good as people say I will use it in a few months with a KEF Blade 2 Meta that I will be ordering soon. At least for a year until I can raise funds for the KRELL KSA i400 amp that I always expected to use with the Blade 2 Meta. 

My humble opinion is Technics was introduce amplifiers class H in this time now Technics introduce amps classG when i see inside the class H vintage i compare to Amp Class G i encountered the same topology of circuit H plus the classG i see the only diference is the parts vintage class H is more big and ordinary vs Class G modern little parts that’s it the sound of both really diferent class H more brilliant vs class G i thinking about the prices i am not to invest for this modern class G so nor class H i keep my Class A and AB,the more vintage age more better sound.

This is definitely not new!  Tact had something very very similar starting in 1998, YEARS ago.  A pure digital amp.  The volume control was one of my very favorites.  Smooth like butter.  It makes my feet itch when people make blanket statements that one technology is better than any other.  Implementation is key for any piece of equipment and every part including the case and power supply counts.  There are many great products using many different technology types.  

First, one "non professional" reviewer saying the Gan1 beat his Holo setup is of little value to me. I want to see a real, professional review of this before considering this amp, including its response into 2-ohm loads and whether it's load dependent. Why is this last part a secret??? Second, my Technics SU-G700 has USB and accepts higher rate inputs, including DSD. Until the Gan1 has this it is simply incomplete and hardly revolutionary. Not ready for prime time!

I’ll still with my class AB that I just bought. Maybe in ten or twenty years I’ll get the itch to look for new power and speakers.

No, a digital amp does not have a DAC in is the DAC. This is not a normal Class D amp and should not be compared to it. A normal class D amp needs a DAC in front of it and has analog stages in it with feedback. This has no feedback, no opamps, no transistors, no tubes, no normal DAC...

Of course, Tact did this first.....please read my website. Does not mean that today we cannot do it better....even much better.

So it only has coax input. There are tons of streamers and ways to add all the inputs you need. The $2400 Lumin U2 Mini has LEEDH lossless digital volume control and will play all kinds of sources and even takes DSD512.

What really matters is how is sounds.....more comparisons coming soon.......and the biggest thang is that you can use pure digital everyone will be getting new speakers with no xovers in them or making their own and having sound that is better than they have ever heard. It is commonly known that active speakers are better than passive......and that is with the crappy electronics that is in the current active speakers (crossovers using normal DACs and normal amps). When you hear the zero sound of a digital xover plus digital amp and then direct to your drivers so will be sobbing in happiness.

I don’t trust professional reviews.....they are mostly ads. The person that has the Holo set up is much more trustworthy. He is not getting paid.

As I stated in my webpage we have just begun. Someone could make a version with this EAS board (or the 400 watt stereo board that has multiple inputs including usb) right now. This is just the very first product usng this board and Peachtree wanted to get it out fast. But, as I said, if you bought two of these GaN1 amps and biamped using the minidsp pure digital crossover and ran the speaker wires directly to the voice coil wires on your speakers.....oh my GOD. You can do this right NOW.

It's amazing how many people think class D is a digital amp when it is not. It's less amazing that people are still thinking like it's the 1980's and think they're inferior amps.

This is an excited enthusiast sharing with the world the great new audio frontier.  Cheaper and better.....something to be excited about.  Have you ever been super excited about something and you knew it would serve everyone?.......Wouldn't you share the information with all your passion?  I feel James Brown sang.

If you buy some of the new digital amps and you love them and it makes you happier then send me some money.....he he.   I sell happiness.....of course, it is free.....

What is even more exciting than your self......your beautiful are blessed, you are loved and you are infinite joy and happiness.....and you have always been so.......60 trillion cells in your body dancing in divine harmony.....every frickin second is the most beautiful second that has ever been........yup!  way more far out than are amazing, magnificent and worthy....enjoy the ride!

Love yourself, love every second......why not?  You can and its free.

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asvjerry, so if you fill the page with post after post of nonesense it will make the thread irrelevant? Or do you have some other motivation for these posts?

I just watched a woman describing her Near Death Experience......she said she went into the light and through a tunnel and God grabbed her hand......she was overwhelmed with love like she had never experienced. God told her she had to go back and she pleaded with God.....saying that she is so loving and takes care of everyone (she seriously wanted to stay there). God said.....well, did you love them the way I am loving you? And she replies.....well, I am just human........and God looks at her and says "You can do better".......and two seconds later she was back in her body. This is what the soul is doing here.....learning to "do better"......

Everyone.....What is your better? Please show us. You are all loved, you are all worthy. Please give the best of your love. We all want it.

Music Purifiers, Ground Enhancers, Bybee Clarifiers, oh dear, what nonsense.

No one ever got something for nothing.

Not only emperors are taken in by new clothes.

Stay away.

I'm very impressed with the quality of music I'm hearing with my Mini GaN 5 Power Amplifier.