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It's almost like poll, but certainly more fun
Mine is inherited.  Never going anywhere.  It is a wonderful reminder.    
Shuguang Treasure Series KT120
Any news on this front? Should I start a new thread? I'm starting to have some replacement anxiety on these babies. Don't need any per se just wanted an opinion or update   
Tune of the Day
The struggle of the turtle to the sea by jean luc ponty  
100 Albums You Would wish for...from a Genie
If we're asking a genie, I'd simply ask for any 100 albums from the early digital era. But, since it's a genie they'd all sound good. I'm picturing virtually all metal albums of the time for starters.  
Help with Icepower 1200as2 amp please!
Erik is right, one of those components is labeled 305 volts ac! Donget zapped, it's not as fun as Scott Baio made it look 🙂  
Help with Icepower 1200as2 amp please!
Just make sure you probe everything thoroughly before you start taking things apart 🙂 don't want to create a secondary problem to sort.   
Help with Icepower 1200as2 amp please!
If you can hear clicks, it's likely a relay. Unless it has other moving parts, clicking electronics are usually relays. Maybe that'll help.   
Re-wiring the listening room: Questions
@ghdprentice Personally, I would run three dedicated lines. One line at 12:00 and two lines at 9:00. That should cover any additional growth and give you an opportunity to keep digital equipment on its own line.        Report this ghdprentice... 
Re-wiring the listening room: Questions
All the above advice sounds like a ground loop just waiting to happen.   
Warm sounding 6922 Type Tubes
I've never heard of a 6922 that folks called warm. Their claim to fame is clarity and details iirc. There are adapters to allow for the use of different tube types, maybe that'll be an answer for you   
Affordable SS that sound like Tubes
This isn't exactly on topic but... Recently heard Anthem gear with and without room correction turned on. The sound was pretty darn good.  I've been suffering from a bit of tube replacement anxiety, and thus weighing my options. My amp uses kt120... 
Affordable SS that sound like Tubes
Trade the mid monos and pre for the qs integrated. Why mess with a winning formula.   
Tube Integrated With Clarity
Lol *fancy   
Tube Integrated With Clarity
I like rogue and quick silver. Their integrated amps are pretty different from one another. Maybe one of them will strike your fance Both sound pretty good to me.  
Nuclues plus bricked
@monkeyade don't bother answering roxy. This person is a "drive-by commenter with nothing to add. I'm pretty sure they're just trying to get the high score, lol 😉🤪😍