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How easily can you distinguish between different DACs?
Your hearing is fine. Darko admits that if there are differences, they are very minor. Any sighted testing is going to almost always produce a difference, as it does with everything. Only blind testing is valid to accurately determine if there is ... 
Tube sound is not about warmth. It's about correct presentation.
There is no "warm" tube sound. Tubes get warm or even hot and some dimwit reviewer probably used the term "warm" or "warmth" and it went from there. If you believe a sound can be warm or cold, you're like Ralph Wiggum when he said, "It tastes like... 
At what price is one considered an Audiophile.
If you think money spent is a factor, you'll likely never be happy with what you have because there's almost always something more expensive and therefor "better" (but that's not the case despite more expensive stuff seemingly always sounding bett... 
System advice
We need to know if you have children in the room or pets. Is your house on a slab,.basement, or crawlspace? Do you have textured walls or smooth? How old are you (there's no need for full range if you're older and can't hear well)?   (I'm being v... 
USB Cable
1s and 0s don't care and no cable you use will objectively change the sound.  P.T. Barnum was so very prescient.   
The latest audiophile streamer craze
The key is to use the Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick foil. The signal will actually be repelled by that vs just bouncing off of normal stuff.  As for anything audiophile, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if some company would try to market copper sh... 
Question about suitable fuse metals
Someone needs some basic electricity education.  
Integrated Amplifier for Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution
Hearing "correctly." That was my first laugh for the day.  Primare makes very good integrateds and the one I have, the I25, sounds great and can be set up to stream with their NP5 Prisma network player if you want to go that route.   
Intg Amps: Hegel 590 vs NAD M33 Masters vs Gryphon Diablo 120
Second sentence, "And no, I’m not presently interested in separating components that much further (e.g. separate DAC; separate amp; clock; etc. etc)."   Very first reply, "Have you considered an outboard DAC?"   Do people not read or just figu... 
The Ultimate Audio Modification: Golden Ears
I thought this was about the speakers. 👎  
I have spent a large part of my life (sadly) participating in organized religion with people who have the same mentality as people who say cables matter. Lots of faith, no actual proof. Get back to us when there is some actual blind testing to val... 
Speaker cable recommendations
Doesn't matter except with one's expectations leading to the associated bias.  
Best set-up under $20K
At least 50-60% of your budget should be spent on all manner of cables. Trust me, I know what I hear.    (that's sarcasm, for the humour impaired)  
The greatest Pop song yet written and recorded.
As with any type of art, music is 100% subjective and for people to say "so and so is the greatest song (of any type) ever", is silly and pointless. It's simply an opinion that some may share but most probably won't.   
RCA versus XLR interconnects
Doesn't matter as the electrons don't know nor care what they travel upon.