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Spatial Audio Raven Preamp
I would be really interested to hear any reactions/reviews of anyone using the Raven preamp with the praised Class D monoblock amps such as the Atma-Spheres or the AGDs.   
If A.I. took the place of musicians, would you listen to it?
A lot of popular music is made by producers and this has been true for a long time. There are drum machines, pitch correction, session musicians and music is stitched together with effects and loops and this has been true since disco and before. A... 
Magnepan LRS plus & Atma-Sphere digital amps
LRS is a great speaker for smaller rooms than the 1.7 and you don't need high priced amps to drive them. You can easily go Class D or get used AB amps.   
Importance of streamer in audio chain
I wasn't able to hear any difference between an expensive (for me) streamer going through an expensive DAC and my computer going through my relatively inexpensive DAC. I was able to quickly switch between them (they were each set up on a different... 
Beware of Wayne's audio - Poor product quality & worst business ethics
All I will say is that Wayne's Audio has 102 positive feedbacks with zero negative ones on USAudioMart.   
Caladan Break-in
As I posted in another thread, Clayton's speakers for Spatial Audio Lab needed 300 - 400 hours to really break in so be patient.  
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
The sale is a local sale with pickup only in Shepherdstown, WV but only about 1.5 hours from DC or Baltimore. If I was out there, I would definitely investigate.  
A Better Way to Buy Gear - Help Needed
You said that the seller had a 95% rating. I pay for things in advance when I think the reputation of the seller is sufficient for me to trust them. If the seller has sold a lot of items or buys a lot of items, then that usually means that they ar... 
New DAC issues
The DAC has to fit your system and your ears. That has to be the final determination despite a DAC's reputation. I've had a used ifi iDSD Pro for several years now and I think it sounds great. I got sucked into the buy a more expensive DAC ethos a... 
KEF LS50 Meta
I found that they were really good but in a narrow range to a degree. I also found that they love Class D amplification which opened them up significantly to my surprise. I sold mine because I wanted a more "all around" bookshelf speaker. You'll f... 
How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
Does anyone use pressurized air to clean the stylus?  
My Caladan Impressons
@markmuse I have the Spatial Audio Lab X-5s and I've never had an issue of limited sweet spot. I have a fairly large (former 2 car garage) studio and the sound is great no matter where I am and I don't hear any significant differences.   
Magnapan LRS+ VS .7
I  bought the LRS (not +) a few years ago. I drove it with an old HK Citation 12 and 11 and it sounded very nice. The LRS is a gateway drug and it was for me. I had more room to move the speakers out into the room and I found myself wanting more b... 
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
For clarification, I was making no political statements nor supporting any. Nor was I insinuating that the criminal justice system could be or is being used politically. I was just pointing out the obvious: people with wealth can do more as litiga... 
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
@hartf36 Not to be picky but neither of those points apply. Malice or its absence is only involved in a defamation case if there is a public official or a public figure suing a news media outlet. I doubt that Erik from Tekton fits either category...