How long do you think it will take

for new and used sales prices of components made in China to collapse because nobody wants them? To judge by the level of denial I'm thinking by the end of the year. But curious to know if people think it might come even sooner than that?
I guess I am not following why people wouldn’t want Chinese products in particular.  Is it for fear that they might be contaminated with the virus?  Or would be out of a desire to punish the Chinese government for lack of transparency and mishandling the crisis?
I don’t want used products that people have painted with graphene.   I would rather take my chances elsewhere. 
I wonder if Trump will think twice before awarding another multi-million dollar contract to CCP owned China State Construction Engineering Corp. to build one of his golf clubs in Dubai or prevent him from buying another 350 million in Chinese aluminum and steel for his domestic building projects. 
You can add in the hope that he won't ship even more scarce medical supplies to China when it comes back for its encore. Hey, do you think that as punishment, Ivanka should give up all those trademarks she got from China just to show them that she doesn't want Trump's name branded on anything over there?

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The state of Illinois just got a plane load of PPE from China. Had to do it on the down low so the Feds wouldn’t intercept it. 
Just saw that on TV as well. The lengths states have to go to to get things before the feds confiscate them is ridiculous, but necessary.
You're right, despite incredibly cheap prices as a supplier I'm sure the US will instantly stop importing the $100B+ annually worth of computer mother boards, power generators, inverters, connectors, integrated circuits, capacitors, convertors as well as $100B+ of machines, engines, and pumps that are imported annually right now by the US because you say no one wants them anymore.  Do you just make up a prediction on the fly based on some feeling you have? 
I doubt that anything will change. Audiophiles who want those products, new or used, will continue to buy them. Those who don't want Chinese audio, no matter what the perceived value, just because it's Chinese, will never buy it. 
Don’t forget about Ivanka’s trademarks that got rushed through years ago.
I keep hearing opinions regarding how world will change in relation to and during and after the epidemic. Some say - it will return to what it was with some adjustments, others say - changes are going to be big, including attitude to the West's apparently huge dependency on Chinese made parts and devices, even some parts in some military devices.
Quality is one thing, social considerations another, and I don't want to support the formation of Great China. But I wouldn't Great Congo or Great Bolivia or Great India or whatever either. I do think, though, that China is different and they keep proving how uneasy everyone can be with them, to put it mildly.

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04-17-2020 4:16pm
Is it for fear that they might be contaminated with the virus?  Or would be out of a desire to punish the Chinese government for lack of transparency and mishandling.

You mean like this? 

The British government will seek refunds for millions of coronavirus test kits purchased from China, after a study of the products found them to be unreliable for use with most patients.

Professor John Bell, coordinator of coronavirus testing for Public Health England, said Monday that the antibody tests are not reliable when used on any patients who do not qualify as severely ill—i.e. most people being tested.

In a blog post, the University of Oxford academic explained: "Sadly, the tests we have looked at to date have not performed well." He added, "We see many false negatives and we also see false positives...This is not a good result for test suppliers or for us."

The British government ordered 3.5 million of the antibody tests, largely from China, last month. A provisional order of 17.5 million kits was placed with nine companies, including some in the U.K., the Daily Telegraph noted. But Bell said none were reliable enough to roll out for mass testing.

I read recently that Apple wanted to place some new plant outside of China but the Chinese warned them off by threatening to forbid iPhone sales within China.  They did the same with Samsung and now one cannot buy the Galaxy smartphone  within China.

The NBA loves endorsement money from Nike. There are 800,000,000 NBA basketball fans in China. Chinese basketball fans love Nike basketball shoes. What will Nike and the NBA's position be regarding China now? 

Many companies were already in varying stages of moving production due to the tariffs and chinas clampdown on foreign companies during that period. Due to the virus many more are quickly trying to move some or all production. Seems having all your eggs in one basket means issues that stop production of parts or whole goods shuts down product to sell or use in production. Many companies are looking to spread production around more, though I’m sure this will affect costs and eventually that will reflect in final pricing at some point. Also the just in time way of supplying goods and components is being rethought by some as well. Lots of things will change for some. I’m sure a lot will leave things as they currently are also. As far as buying audio from China I fail to understand the reasoning for that thought from the op. I’m not upset with the Chinese because that’s where a virus started, assuming there’s no truth to the idea it came from a lab there. Their worst crime is the obvious and grossly under reporting of cases. I knew they were when I read about the numbers, and I don’t think I’m that much smarter than the worlds governments. The news outlets were speculating on it the whole time. 

The Chinese have been actively obstructing the CDC and Academic researchers from having free access in Wuhan to investigate the whys and the hows, not to mention trying to pin the blame on the U.S. Military.  I think that people could be more forgiving towards them if they acknowledge that yes it started there and helped be part of the solution.  Add in the fact that they control the supply chain issues resulting in failure to have PPE, and there may be some long lived anti Chinese sentiment.
The NBA and China already had a rocky relationship before the virus.  Google “Daryl Morley “
China’s OK except for a few minor issues like: human rights abuses, distain for safety, environmental or worker rights, corporate and governmental espionage, spying, distain for intellectual property, copyrights or patents law, largest producer of counterfeit everything, Infiltration of foreign governments, producer of most of the last 6 or 7 world epidemics, corporations and educational institutions, totalitarian communist oppressions of its citizens, deceitful trade practices, currency manipulation, oppressions and bullying of other countries, institutions and corporations, and a general attitude of attaining global dominance at any and all costs. Other than the above, they’re pretty great...
So China is pretty bad, but what separates them from the actions of any country as it undergoes nation building?  Wars, genocides, slavery, colonialism, famines, epidemics, forced population migrations, religious persecution, secret police, etc.  Are the U.S., Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, France or Japan any less innocent?  Apparently "progress" is very messy with tens of millions dead bodies in the rear view mirror.
Perhaps we must read anew the very beautiful scriptures about the straw and the beam... One of my favorite...

When I was very young, I hated the catholic mass, very annoying latin exercise for a children... The only point interesting was not the preach, totally stupid even for a children....I was fascinated by stories like the workers who comes at the last hour and were paid the same amount than those who has worked all day long...And the adulterous woman being judged, by nobody, because who can throw the first stone ?...On and on, some of these stories entered my mind, and I discovered for the first time pure intelligence... By the way I am not a believer, I dont have faith in the religions, Buddhism or Catholicism etc...

I trust only my intuition and mathematics for seeing the spirit...And my heart to feel it...

In the actual situation of the world, ideology and hate are the two blinders that will throw humanity in the gutter of history...Solidarity and the need for truth will do the best.... Anything else is plain stupidity...

For the answer of the OP: This will endure shorter if we act with solidarity, longer if we act illogically...Turn around and see for yourself who act with solidarity, who act illogically( I means by that saying a thing, and acting another one) and you will know if it will takes 4 to 6 months or more than 2 or 3 years...Remember that curing the disease and controlling it is the FIRST thing to do, BEFORE go back to work...Remember that money do not exist at all levels, it is only a means, solidarity exist before creation of money, it is a means and an end in itself unlike money...And in this crisis it is plain evident to see that printing money does not buy food for everybody...

For China remember only that this is a country that resemble more the US than any other country on earth and vice versa.... The 2 want domination by very different means even if they are wounded now....Pick the country you want but beware to pick also the quality of these 2 and throwing off the defects of these 2....

Mahler, you are assuming the ops reasoning was due to the things you mentioned. I have no idea if this is so or not as he was not clear about that part. 
China bashing has been a feature of A'gon as long as I've been a member. This is just another chapter. I was so taken aback at the discrimination shown in these threads that I wondered if audio was just another hangout for racist, misogynists, and good 'ol boys.

Maybe someday some psychologist will pen a thesis on it.

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Racism is in the eye of the beholder. One thing that comes to mind, is that those who see race everywhere and in everything, are usually the racists.

The communist regime in China deserves to be bashed at this point, if for no other reason than the two million Muslims locked up in China's gulags. 

Racism is in the eye of the beholder. One thing that comes to mind, is that those who see race everywhere and in everything, are usually the racists
Spoken like a true one, indeed.
I can’t tell if that’s a variation on,
"I know you are but what am I?"
"I’m rubber and you’re glue..."

The communist regime in China deserves to be bashed at this point, if for no other reason than the two million Muslims locked up in China's gulags.
And we account for 4% of the world's population and yet account for 22% of the world's prison population. 
Did you really think going for discrimination against Muslims would work?

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Take back all infrastructure industries.... otherwise everything else should just be globally competitive 
It’s impossible (these days) to be a realist (actually paying attention to the facts/truths of situations and reacting in accordance), without being labeled a racist, xenophobe, or- some other psychobabble horse-shite.                                                                                       Ostriches don’t bury their heads in the dirt, but- the politically correct expect YOU to!
+1 Rodman.

Political correctness is nothing more than thought control 


  • " Spoken like a true one, indeed."

Would you like to explore the history of racism in the party you support? Let's start with the Dixiecrats, then move onto Woodrow Wilson. Then we can move from there to FDR. And then to the governors and the mayors who aimed the firehoses and unleashed the attack dogs in Birmingham and Selma. And then on to that icon of civil rights, Lyndon B. Johnson. 

Now tell me how the Democrats and the Republicans "switched parties." 


Frank, there are kids in high school who don’t fall for that crap anymore.
You need some new material.

Don't you guys still have some old Civil War monuments to guard?

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Political Correctness is the real racism. "Can’t we all just get along"?
I mean, I have never discriminated against anyone, at least knowingly. All I ever did was work hard to provide for my family and respect others.
Yet, as an old white male I seem to be the bearer of all forms of verbal (racism) abuse these days. If I am the blame for all of society problems then how did the society survive and prosper while excepting all?

Having respect for others and exhibiting good manners when interacting with people is a god thing not “political correctness”. These things have nothing to do with politics.  It’s a term people with political agendas toss around to justify bad behavior. 
nonoise ...

  • Frank, there are kids in high school who don’t fall for that crap anymore.
  • You need some new material.

What "crap" are you alluding to? Be specific, please.


Ozzy ...

Yes, it’s the old leftist "White Privilege" card, designed to keep people separate. Divide and conquer is their game. Divide society into separate groups, then convince each group that they are victims, at which time, the Marxists. err ... I mean the "Social Democrats" step in as the Man on the White Horse to save all. The only requirement is that they stay in power and you bend over and do as they say.

I just don’t understand how this new racism is better than the older racism?

We all should be very proud of our country, and protect it.
Those of you who spout political correctness NEED to be respectful of all contributions to our society.

And, yes, continue making America Great!

So the new racism against old white men is real, but the old racism is just perceived?  I don't know who said it, but "when somebody shows you who they are, that's who they are."  You just showed who you are.