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Recommend a non-polite sounding amp / integrated
@carlsbad  I'm reflecting on my time with a Leben CS300xs.  The EL84's (often used in guitar amps) just gave a wonderful midrange "growl" that was anything but polite but amazingly musical.  
Recommend a non-polite sounding amp / integrated
Try a tube integrated that uses EL84's.  
Experience with Zesto Andros Allasso SUT?
@mammothguy54  I did acquire the SUT shortly after my 2019 post.  It was highly adjustable and worked well with a wide variety of carts.  I ended up selling it earlier this however as I tried an EMT cart paired with an A23 SUT configured for EMT a... 
Turntable Thrumming
The noise seems to be around 0.5 Hz.  Do you mean 0.5 khz? Humans can't detect sounds at 0.5 hz.      
Belden 8402.  Hands down best value for the money that I've come across.  
How much hum is normal from a new tube amp
I had a slight hum from my speakers (not transformers) when running a LM805ia SET amp that was effectively eliminated using an Equi=Core balanced transformer. The amp has hum pots so some hum is expected. However, with proper management it can be ... 
Cary slp-98p owners!
I too formerly owned the SLP98P some years ago.  I also felt the noise floor was a bit high and the overall sound was on the lush side, sacrificing detail, articulation, and slam.  The Leben RS30EQ MM tube phono I use now is substantially better t... 
Can an audio rack be that important?
I find that isolation and vibration control have a big impact on SQ particularly with tube gear.  Having a solid base created through a quality rack provides a solid foundation to executing resonance control.  Platforms and footers work so much be... 
Feedback requested on new speakers to pair with my Luxman MQ88uc tube amp
So a couple of data points that you may be able to extrapolate from perhaps.  I had this same amp for about 18 months.  It sounded incredibly good paired with my DeVore O/96's and wretchedly awful with Klipsch Forte III's.  I suspect the triode ci... 
Can a system sound too Holographic?
I dislike food that is too delicious.   
Any cartridge recommendations for a Grace G-707 arm on a Thorens TD-125 deck?
@fusian  Great recommendation!  
Can’t buy output tubes anywhere except from manufacturers at high prices.
I just sold two pairs of GL KT88 matched quads on USAM - both quads sold within one day of listing.  I no longer have any amps that run them.  I apparently didn't ask for enough!  So yes, clearly the demand is real and the supply is low.    
Turntable is the most expensive in the chain, do it make sense
Careful matching of MC cartridge to SUT has been an "aha" moment for me.  It goes beyond simply dialing in gain and impedance appropriately.    
Can’t buy output tubes anywhere except from manufacturers at high prices.
These are available and are excellent sounding EL34's: https://sophiaelectric.com/products/pages-se-el34 Sounds like maybe I should plan to sell a bunch of KT88 Gold Lions I haven't used in year.  
Cary SLP-98L DC or Cap Upgrade details
I suspect Cary could answer all your questions.