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Looking for a WiFi interface
While the SVS and Rel transmitters are geared towards Subwoofers, they are also marketed for use with wireless speakers. I’ve tested both and they do play in stereo.  
Looking for a WiFi interface
I have both the SVS and a similar device from Rel for my rear surround speakers. Both work great without drop outs however both of them do emit some feed back when the music is not playing. I’m currently using the Rel hooked up to a Fosi V3 which ... 
I need a recommendation on Class D amp
There is a used sds470c from Class d Audio for sale on another site. It has rca inputs and adjustable gain for each channel. I’ve owned one in the past and it’s a great amp. Also second the Crown recommendation.  
Small amp or all in 1 choice?
Get the SVS and a Fosi v3 and your done.  
Am I right for this forum?
@jastralfu  you are of course correct it’s cue not “que” and I knew that, not sure why I did that but whatever. To the op, I meant no disrespect by my comment and I apologize if it stung. I was only trying to inject a bit of light hearted humor in... 
Could Class D really be that good?
I have one driving my rear surround speakers and it sounds fantastic. I could definitely see this being a great desktop amp or as mapman said a decent spare. Just for fun I may swap out my Audia Flight in my main system with it and see how it comp... 
Am I right for this forum?
Que Stewart Smalley  
first & last system
Look at the Yamaha rn 2000a. It has a built in streamer so you can use you phone.   
Portable DAC/Headphone Amp Recommendations
Quedelix 5k or Cayin Ru6 would be my choice for small portable dac/amps.  
Dual mono integrated amps
At the time I owned the Kinki I also had a Simaudio i3.3 as well as the Primare. When comparing them to the Kinki, both amps sounded bigger, more dynamic and much more effortless. I was not super impressed with the build quality either, my volume ... 
Dual mono integrated amps
+1 for the i-30. liked it better than the Kinki. I’ve moved on to a much more expensive dual mono integrated from Audia Flight but the Primare has to be one of the best amps for the money on the used market.  
Volume matched inputs on a preamp?
My Audia Flight integrated allows me to set the gain and balance for each input.  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Estelon Extreme’s look super cool but as Roxy said, I much prefer classic old school box speakers. Proac Studio 3’s are my favorite….simply gorgeous.  
Missing Members
Charcoalchuck= miller(chuck) carbon( charcoal)….good one! Welcome  back.  
Pass INT-25 better than Wilsenton R8?
+1 tablejockey….what a bunch of nonsense