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Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair
Consider also the Revel 126Be 
Magico vs the world
Kenjit has never as never heard any speakers, that’s why he’s such an expert on them. 
How long do you think it will take
China’s OK except for a few minor issues like: human rights abuses, distain for safety, environmental or worker rights, corporate and governmental espionage, spying, distain for intellectual property, copyrights or patents law, largest producer of... 
The System Percentages Thread
hmmm.....never really thought about it before..Speakers:          41%Integrated Amp: 41%Streamer/DAC:  10%Cables:                8% 
Which is better for a DBA (Swarm); powered subs or unpowered?
Millercarbon.....paging Millercarbon....aisle 3 for DBA dissertation  
New high end processor
On paper, the AVM60 offers two advantages that may or may not matter to you: balanced outputs and a dedicated headphone amp. In reality the main advantage is the ability and flexibility to add better and or more powerful amplifier channels than th... 
Pure solid silver wire
adg101....why would silver wire burn his house down? 
Revel’s Sound Signature
I would say that SOME of the Revel line requires a bit of power to get singing (Ultimas) but not that it is a universal given across all of their product line. 
New high end processor
Millercarbon....I doubt the OP (or almost anyone) is looking to create Frankenstein’s lab in his theatre space. The Anthem stuff is very nice, particularly the AVM60 although the higher end Marantz gear is also very nice and within your price spec... 
Just got my Lumin T2 wasome sound but very bad app
Never really cared for the Lumin app for whatever reason. Roon works very well. Shame about the ongoing cost, but what can a poor boy do? 
Digital Player Upgrade Options
I used to use a BDP-1 as a Roon endpoint and thought it worked quite well while working around the kludgy and very dated Bryston control program 
How does this make sense, any sense? Any sense at all??
audioman58...I can hear your third grade English teacher crying.... 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
That’s some flawed logic right there, dznutz. How does that make the X1 the winner? 
Vitus versus Gryphon
The SIA-025 as a lower powered, sweet sounding class A amp is quite a different beast from the RI-101 which is a 300 watts class AB brute. (But still excellent) How either of these may compare to Gryphon I will leave to others that have heard both... 
Audioquest thunder vs tornado HC powercords
Blueskywalker they are both the high current versions. I figured that would allow the most flexibility for future applications