Electric bill any high

My electric bill has almost doubled since I added streamer and DAC. . How can I reduce consumption?

My Spectral amp and MIT Powerbar are plugged into the wall. My Spectral CD player, Spectral preamp, Aurender Streamer, and Berkeley DAC are plugged into s MIT Powerbar.

My preamp and DAC are always on. As is the Z powerbar. My CD player is on standby. I turn off the amp and streamer.

Is there snythungvi can do or do I just have to pay the Man for this expensive hobby.


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A streamer and a DAC shouldn't double an electric bill, unless your bill was $1/ month to begin with.

My 80wpc tube amp only costs about $3/month to run daily.

There's probably something else drawing power such as your A/C, faulty refrigerator(s), etc.  If your A/C is low on refrigerant due to a leak, it will run constantly, trying to keep up, costing $$$.  

I'd look elsewhere for issues with the bill.

Unless you are now listening to music much more often this doesn’t make sense in light of what a whole house’s normal electrical use is. Streamer/DAC/preamp are all pretty low wattage appliances, though I think the Spectral could be a little high, 30-60 watts.

What does make sense is if yo are running your AC more often due to summer heat or a bad fridge or electric water heater. 

If in doubt the way to tell how much power things take is to buy something like this and actually measure the current / power each takes.

Check to make sure your fridge is closing correctly or that your freezer isn't slightly open.

check your $rate KWH maybe it’s went up. Do you have a commercial refrigerator? If you have regular home appliance, the bill shouldn't be affected by just fridge. 

It’s good practice to vacuum the coils once every year or two anyway.  Many found at the front bottom of the fridge behind a snap on grill.  The fan pulls air through them.  

My guess would be the compressor in your refrigerator. Amazon sells apparatus that you can use to measure current use. Good luck!

Happy listening. 

Do a audit of all the wattage of Audio system, appliances and fittings. you get which is Guzzler. In Audio system Power amp/Integrated amp(exception digital amp) consume more power other almost negligible.

One big problem is if one coil on a water heater burns out the other starts taking the place for two and will cause your electricity bill to double. It happened to me and one of my daughters found that out. My electricity bill isn't affected by my stereo usage to very much of any degree.

You must be living in a hut to have electronics doubling your electrical bill.


Just turn off your streamer and DAC. See what happen?I read turning off cable box helps. At least in my experience.A friend of mine his 4 Puron according to him? His electric bill went down.

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Get a kill-a-watt on Amazon a check. My system draws at idle -300w and a full on like 800w. Forgot what it is on standby



Is there snythungvi can do or do I just have to pay the Man for this expensive hobby.

There is snythungvi you can do indeed. Turn on stuff 15 mins before you start listening to music. Turn it off when you’re done/ don’t leave it running 24/7.

Did someone tell you that the sound quality skyrockets if you leave everything on 24/7? That’s another foolish myth.

Follow the bright orange extension cord running from your outdoor outlet through your fence to the neighbor’s yard.  Might not be obvious, the smarter ones bury it on your side.

I have all of my components plugged into a Furman Power Conditioner which shows how much power the entire system  (monoblocks,  preamp,  dac, streamer, cdt) is using at any time.  Whole system draws about 0.8 watts when in standby,  and about 1.2 watts when I'm listening.  I  don't know what your electric rates are,  but for me this equates to approximately $100 per year.  I  also have an Emporia monitor system installed in my main panel,  so I am able to monitor electrical use of all major appliances in the  house. Often,  when a major appliance begins to go bad,  it's electric use dramatically increases,  as others on this post have noted.  One surprising major user in my house is my media room electronics (separate from my two channel system. ) I can see a huge jump in usage when I turn on the 85 inch TV. 

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A couple of summers ago I had an outrageous DWP bill that was almost triple what I used to incur. I was advised to pay it upfront and look into it as they'd simply credit my account should there have been some error. 

I took photos of my meter reading and kept track of it to see if it was running incorrectly and all it showed was that everything was normal. They tried to say I wasn't reading the meter correctly which drove me nuts. I even got one of those metering devices that you put between what you're testing and the wall outlet and got normal readings as well on all the major appliances I have. 

Eventually they sent out a meter reader to double check on things and it turns out the first guy misread my meter. You see, there are 3 banks of meters in a long, dark hall and mine is with the last group furthest in. Maybe it's something as simple or similar to that. 

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If you live in Arizona it's your electric utility nearly doubling rates over the past 5 years !


I believe you power amp is pure Class A. Unless it has new, advanced technology like Krell iBias it will draw considerable power while in standby and even idle mode. I believe my Krell 300 XD draws like 2 watts in standby. 

Regardless, I live in Arizona and am installing solar this month as @wyoboy referenced so soon most of my power bills will be a thing of the past. 

Your other gear (streamers and DACS), draw very little current . 

I'm more inclined to believe that your electric rates have gone up. Anyway as soon as this economic down-turn hit they have raised food prices, insurance rates on both cars and homes and many other goods and services. This is their way of helping people to get through!

Many utilities have website apps where you can see your watt-hour consumption on a hourly/daily basis. This can help you troubleshoot by looking for the times where the peaks or anomalies occur. Hopefully it's something simple like a neighbor plugging his electric car into your outdoor socket, or a nearby homeless camp with a really long extension cord using your outdoor receptacle.