Recommend An Electrician in Portland, Oregon

hey guys (and gals), i'm looking to have a couple of dedicated lines installed in my listening room. can any of you recommend a good electrician in portland, oregon for this sort of thing?

many thanks,
I would look one up in the phone book. Just make sure they're certified and insured. A dedicated circuit is the easiest thing an electrician will ever be asked to do. Seriously, it's impossible to not do a good job.
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Scott,...old thread, but I'm in the same boat currently. I'm talking to a couple local electricians but I'm not convinced any of them truly get what we as audiophiles are trying to accomplish. Did you ever find a good service?
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Could someone recommend a good Cuban restaurant in Portland? I don't care for Pambiche
Pambiche is delish... we vape before we eat sooooo...