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Heavy difficult to move speakers- how do you deal?
I really like what @lak said.  Most of mine have a place to screw in already.  But I am little weird about them sitting on casters from a purist standpoint.  
Marantz 3300 - Fanboy issues, buyer beware.....
@jetson  I'd say option #3.  He he...consider Schitt for higher end reasonable cost.  Watch Cheapaudioman on u-toob for many other budget but good options.  I feel like we're all thinking you're wanting to keep the cost down.  
A nightmare regarding streaming?
Cloud services providers usually backup in at least duplicate.  Sometimes triplicate.  I bet they can restore it unless they just don't.  
Anyone experience any Op amp rolling?
@gdaddy1  Thanks so much.  Will do!  I'll prolly get both and compare.  
Anyone experience any Op amp rolling?
@gdaddy1  That's awesome on the class A part!  I've heard a lot of good things about Geshelli Labs.  Their stuff is quite different it seems.  I might have to bite the bullet on at least one (pair) of the Sparkos or Burson chips.  Maybe the Sparko... 
Anyone experience any Op amp rolling?
The reply thing isn't working.  gdaddy1...are you saying you actually rolled yours?  One thing I've wondered about is power.  Is it affected by being in class A mode?  Can you comment on differences in the ones you tried?  I've seen those you ment... 
Thumper’s Mother
I don't feel like I am disrespectful or caddy at all but I will at least try to be sensitive to it going forward.  You never know how your words affect others.  Being thoughtful is the least we can do, right?  It's all bout fun!  
The Horror
@audiodidact I can imagine that horror actually and would be a little afraid to do what you did and commend you on the bravery.  I think I would have waited a little while so the contrast could wear off.  lol  But then there's that little matter o... 
So, a reviewer just said something I need to talk about.
Being a musician and audiophile and general techie with an electronics background with some visual artistic like ALL aspects of it.  But I often wonder about too how some probably really get away from what would seem to be the ... 
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
The entire Toto/Mindfields album.  Very extraordinarily recorded work.  Will knock your socks off.  Ultra dynamic.  
Not sure what to think
Room treatment is the icing on the cake.  Imagine cake without icing.  lol  
Sometimes you just get lucky
I play bass and have done so professionally in rock/alt bands.  Almost getting a contract here and there.  Neat tidbit...we shared stages now and then with Hootie and the Blowfish while they were still in school in Columbia, SC.  It was around tha... 
Reel to Reel
@ltmandella Yeah I agree totally.  It does happen that I have somewhat of an electronics background and have worked on lots of equipment along these lines so feel like I could fix it up myself if needed.  There's the maintenance, too.  I love the ... 
Reel to Reel
@inna Cool!  One of the studios I recorded in used an ADAT system.  It uses VHS tapes and is/was very much pro quality.  Masters kept on them.  
Reel to Reel
Thanks everyone for all of the great info!  All aspects really got well explored here and I really appreciate the engagement.  I could respond to each one from an interest level.  There's so much to talk about and consider.  You all make great poi...