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Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
Many of the younger folks are not into acquiring things that tie them down. That’s why streaming with their phones or earbuds is so popular…in addition to being way less expensive.  Many are also controlled by what’s socially acceptable too. I bel... 
All around headphone amp recommendations
At least check out  Linear Tube Audio.  They have some very nice headphone circuitry   
Which has a greater influence on sound quality, the amp or the preamp?
I’ve owned many different mid-fi and high-fi preamps and amps, both SS and tube.  All the components, and the mixture of components, can make a marked difference in sound. I personally like to keep the amp and preamp made by the same manufacturer ... 
Aurender A200 vs N200
Sorry, that’s Moon 280D  
Aurender A200 vs N200
What are people’s thoughts on the entry level Moon 2800 streaming DAC?  
Double up on speaker cables
I use to think similar about speaker cables as Tim clearly stated above.  However, I actually tried some quality cables to replace my 12-ga Crutchfield stranded wire and was shocked by the performance improvements.  Even my wife commented that she... 
Morrow Audio Speaker Cables
Well I got to sit down and have a critical listening session with the new SP-6 speaker cables installed tonight.  To be honest with you I had limited expectations of a significant sound quality difference with any speaker cables, however I was pro... 
Morrow Audio Speaker Cables
@soix, what a strange coincidence you asked this question today!  I just got my SP-6 cables in the mail today. Look great but I won’t get to hook them up and have a serious listen until Friday PM.  I’ll post my first impressions later.   
What is your front end ?
I still love playing CD’s. Just old habits I guess and it forces me off my ass periodically 😆.  Streaming is great and I will utilize this more once I get a quality streamer.  
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
Highly recommend Fourplay Silver as a quality smooth jazz recording.  For a tremendous live recording; Lorena McKennitt Live in Paris and Toronto. Kit Walker-Dancing on the Edge is also an excellent progressive jazz recording if you can find it.  ... 
Shocked. Need Opinions. How muck power do I need?
Although I’m not sure about the accuracy of the VU meters on my former Vincent hybrid amp, but it  never used over 3 or 4 watts during any of my listening sessions typically up to 80 db measured at 10 feet.  This is driving 87db sensitivity KEF R1... 
Hearing aid question
Yes, see an Audiologist and invest in programmable hearing aid that correct for your specific hearing loss.  You can’t get this level of correction buying something off the shelf.  Additionally, quality aids will have filtering programs specifical... 
Need some treble
I agree to look into modern programmable hearing aids.  They often have music programs that expand the frequency range of the aid and remove filters. The Oticon aids I have do a great job in both normal life situations and listening to music.   
ADD or Audiophile? habits are very similar to the OP and I am totally normal 😅  
I think power quality has a lot to do with it.  Sometimes my system sounds bad and Most of the times it is clean and crisp.  Maybe justification for a power purifier.