A Different "Analog" Question

So I'm driving along today enjoying the sunshine and day dreaming as usual and something occurred to me. For those analog lovers do you wear an analog or digital watch? How about you digital guys? My front end is all digital but only analog watches for me.


I hate having anything on my wrist the day I realized cell phones tell the time was a very happy day for me.

Primary analog, but my watches are both. A variety of self winding movement watches, and a Casio G-Shock.

Considering an Apple Watch, but thus far, have resisted.

I used to be an analog watch guy. I still have a few Omega, but I never seem to wear them. I gave in to buying an Apple Watch 6 when it came out over a year ago. I might have worn it half a dozen times and now it gathers dust. So no more watches for me, but I still do have endgame analog and digital setups. :)

For those analog lovers do you wear an analog or digital watch? How about you digital guys? My front end is all digital but only analog watches for me.

well, because I use the heart monitor, I changed to digital watch..

though my digital front end enjoys my analog “endgames”


too much?

I was getting close to retirement and decided it might be time to purchase that Rolex… to me a symbol since a kid of a successful man… yes, Bond… James Bond.


So I did a lot of research and bought a TAG Heuer as a watch to get to know what I needed to know about buying a high end watch. I learned about the size, value of a sapphire crystal, and unfortunately about what absolutely terrible accuracy they have. A $20K Rolex is expected to be off 1 second a day! My TAG was off by 5 seconds a day! I sent it in and it was adjusted and came in at one second a day… but fast… so 30 seconds a month. This is considered good for analog watches.

I spent about one week a month in China and one in Japan. The trains in Japan run like clockwork… digital, not analog. If your watch is off 30 seconds you have missed your train.

I am used to buying luxury goods. The great thing about them is you get more than you paid for. You get exceptional performance and fit and finish… with a work of art thrown in. I have some world class fountain pens that are the most incredible writing instruments created by man…the most beautiful things to use and works of art… but analog watches… keep terrible time.

So I took a different approach and ended in finding the Seiko Astron. A great looking watch, accurate to 1/100,000 of a second (or some silly accuracy), it connects to GPS satellites.. so when you walk off the plane it figures out you moved on the globe and adjusts the time. I never missed a train in Japan.

I retired… no Rolex. But as soon as I saw the specs on the Apple Watch, I knew it would be irresponsible not to get one. The fall monitor, blood oxygen, pulse, EKG… it goes on and on… anyone over 60 years old would be irresponsible not to wear one at all times. Pooh. I really wanted a Rolex… but no way.

Like @jond , I don't wear one.  No jewelry except my wedding band.  A habit I acquired in the Air Force working on radar.  We were not allowed to wear any jewelry when working.

Analog watches for years, five years or so with a Garmin Fenix and recently Apple Ultra.  Wow, I now leave my phone at home and workout to music, podcasts and audiobooks.  As mentioned above, for older folks lots of health parameters, but no hard use of shovels, or bumping into things, or it will think that you have fallen.  Almost as irritating as getting asked by all my doctors if I get abused at home.  I lie and say no.  Wife still tells me that she can’t stand to be in the listening room because of all the wires.  The real abuse would start if I told her how much I spent on all the wires…

I used to wear analog, but the Apple watch has literally changed my life. I have learned that tactile reminders are a lot more effective for someone who doesn't like looking at his phone. I also use the timer daily for cooking, or timing how long the fluid is on the record before vacuuming it, etc.

Analog watches, several of them. No digital watch, I have a phone for that. I expect one day analog watches will make a come back, just like LP's did. 

I have a life-long love for wristwatches. The proper time is never more than a slight wrist flick away. By comparison, a smart phone is totally clumsy. I'd rather approach a person on the street and politely ask them the time. I never have to juggle anything. 

Watch hands are much easier to read than a digital read-out. A simple glance in the general direction of the watch is all it takes.

Over the decades, I've gone through probably a half-dozen wristwatches. Never a Rolex or a piece of jewelry like a Patek Philippe, but good quality Swiss and American watches. Yeah, all my mechanical watches eventually wore out, rusted or just went bad, but they were always a thing of beauty to wear. I keep 'em in a bedroom drawer so I can look at 'em. Ah, there's my macho but elegant IWC...

My latest watch is a Shinola. Proudly made in Detroit by folks who once toiled on motor vehicle assembly lines.


I hate having anything on my wrist the day I realized cell phones tell the time was a very happy day for me.


Me to.😊 I just don’t like anything on my wrists or jewelry items at all.


I was analogue until about 2 years ago. I’ve owned several Rolex. Never lost many on any. My last was a Submariner I had for some 22 years. Sold it for 3 times what I paid for it. I have become an Apple convert for reasons given above. Originally got one for a cardiac study. Very useful for someone my age.

I have both digital and analog in my sound system, but I will never wear a digital watch. I'd rather wear a cheap Timex.... 

A watch today is just jewelry and I don't wear one i don't wear a necklace either. 

I’m all digital for sound but only wear mechanical watches -- Rolex, Blancpain, IWC, Zenith and Girard Perregaux  (one of each). The hand built mechanisims of the watches match, in my mind, the boutique construction of the digital electronics in my system.

All the same, when I need to know the exact time, I check my phone -- but my watches are all pretty accurate over the course of a day and sometimes much longer, depending on maintenance.

amazing stuff. The only things you can't buy with money is taste 

... and love, apparently.

Bond switched to Omega. More accurate than Rolex - not saying that has anything to do with why he switched:)

mach19, actually all the new Rolex watches are regulated to +/- 2 seconds per day. That is the tightest in the industry.

@llg98ljk That may be the case now (it's about time! - pun intended), but it is not my reality. My 2007 Planet Ocean keeps better time than my wife's mid-size 2005 Datejust and both have been back to the manufacturers for full refurbs.

The Omega is almost as accurate as my old Tag Sport 2000 Quartz.


Nothing conveys time and especially what fraction of an hour has passed or is upcoming like analog hands.  Active outdoors most times, glancing at my wrist is way easier than reaching into my pocket.  Like a good hybrid amp, the Omega Seamaster is awesomeness from both worlds.   Quartz driven motor with accuracy you'd expect while in a "mechanical watch" mechanism and body with all the strength, dial, hands, crystal etc.  I just serviced mine after 36 years and no issues.  About the price of my MHDT Orchid DAC.

My father left me a nice Breitling self winding watch. I wear it all the time and really like the fact that it is a single function device that's sturdy as can be and doesn't care about being charged or getting updated or finding service. I didn't think I was a watch guy but this thing is handy. It's easier to glance at my wrist than pull the cellphone out of my pocket, especially when I'm on my bicycle. My little nephews and nieces are fascinated with it and love to turn it's bezel, which makes a nice clicking sound.  

Yesterday I glanced at the watch and it was 3:00.  Then a little puzzle occurred to me - what time will it be the next time the minute hand aligns with the hour hand? 

My dedicated headphone system is a combination of digital and analog components. My handheld computer that doubles as a communication device is an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. I rotate between two analog wristwatches. One is a Rolex Explorer 114270 that was a gift from my sister and my kids, the other is an Omega 1861 Hesalite Moonwatch. If I need to know the exact time of day I just look up at the sky. 

I wear a Seiko hybrid.  "Self-wind" to the extent that the "winding" mechanism is actually a battery charger.  It runs off of a quartz movement (digital) but displays on an analog face.