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Update on good Ethernet switch
It is a simple to understand what is happening here and I think some credit should be allowed to those who argue and insist that an ethernet switch can make absolutely no audible, sonic, detectable difference and for that matter even a measureable... 
Ethernet opinions
I think this Freddy22 should be allowed and granted sufficient time to reassess his approach which has been revealed as factually flawed and I prefer to leave questions and references to his personality out of the discussion because it is not real... 
Ethernet opinions
It is immediately obvious and apparent that there is one particular user here who is uninformed about the structure, mechanisms and "building blocks" that comprise the Internet protocols and how these protocols interact with the components in use ... 
A Different "Analog" Question
A watch today is just jewelry and I don't wear one i don't wear a necklace either.   
Thoughts on the Linn LP12 turntable
I understand why some people do not like the Linn they want to see lots of parts and wild design and "original" thinking and bold, decisive, distinctive executions using parts that are unique, unusual, and unexpected these kinds of people think th... 
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
It is so unfortunate, unnecessary, and unproductive to attack Lord Melton in this way. You must be afraid of something and perhaps many things have captivated your attention so as to distract you from truth.  
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
Lord Melton should be honored, respected, and acknowledged for bravely, boldly, and fearlessly expressing a political viewpoint with I am sure full advance knowledge that he would be insulted, ridiculed, and marginalized. Many are too weak, ignora... 
Please rank these amps
Comparing a NAD to a McIntosh is silly they are so different and designed for different listeners, users, and buyers.   
Airplane Seat Power Ground Loop?
It is probably not a ground loop because there can not be more than one path to ground so it is a defective component that is the source and cause of your problems.  
What can beat Wilson XVX for less money?
"Jay just got XVX and can't help but wonder if there are speakers that perform better" Mike seems to like the Wilsons and Jeff does too I will check to see what my friend Sven thinks when he returns from holiday.  
There are many angry people on Audiogon  
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
"I've read that LEDs are noisy" Don't believe everything you read an LED is a semiconductor and no more subject or vulnerable to noise than any other semiconductor. Most diodes including LED's are dead silent although they are often used in impro... 
i2S clock question
"So, I’ve recently added a Denafrips" This is a genuine, sincere, and honest question I pose because English is not my first or even second language and I struggle with it challenged by not having much exposure to native speakers of English, whic... 
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
We see in this thread on full display that some are satisfied to rely on reference books, formulae, and theory that can be assessed, studied, and evaluated from the safe, protected, comfortable environment of an office or home, completely avoiding... 
Investigating if ultrasound is harming LPs
"The ’science’ of listening will always be flawed. " Science is inherently flawed, imperfect, and incomplete that is the way that the world works you can not proclaim one aspect of science more important or more truthful, valid, or meaningful tha...