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Phono cartridge noises
Welcome to the wonderful world of RFI.  Phono carts are great antennas.    
Watts! How many do we need?
Maybe those meters do not capture those peaks.  I would not go less than 100 watts.  But that's just me.  
Watts! How many do we need?
Normal to loud-side for most speakers is around 1 - 2 watts.  Figure out what it is for your speakers and multiply by 100 to 200 to cover the peaks without capping out the amp's capacity.  And YES, momentary peaks can take that amount of power.  
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
See the "Sonus Faber Question" thread.    
Your Ultimate Phono Preamp: Which One Would You Choose?
The Herron VTPH-2A seems to be the top performing phono stage. Though discontinued, it still ranks at the top and is the one other competing units are measured against.  
What is your front end ?
Primary is turntable, .  Second is CD->DAC.  
Audio Research versus McIntosh tube amps: anyone experience or compare both?
Pick up an ARC D-79A or D-79B.  Even used, a lot of people think it was the very best amp ARC ever produced.   "Pick up" was used figuratively.     
Is there a cheaper alternative to this:
Looks like an oversized tuning fork.  Why would someone want to use a tuning fork stand for audio equipment?  
Phono pre amp recommendations? - upgrading from ICON AUDIO PS1 MK II
Look for a Herron VTPH-2a.    
Leaving tube amps on.
Tubes off when listening session end.  SS on all the time.  SS DACs off when listening sessions are not active.    
Tube amps under $7500
Audio Research D-79A.  
Did anyone else disconnect thier equipment due to the geomagnetic storms?
I'll get around to it maybe next week.  Or the following week, if I remember.    
How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
I clean after 6 - 10 sides.  I rotate between Blue Tack, Disc Doctor cleaner / brush and a  cleaner / brush that was recommended by Lyra for their carts.    
Can you tell the difference between a $200 and a $200,000 guitar?
It depends on who's playing the guitar.  
Phono preamp with multiple inputs?? Suggestions please!!
@elliottbnewcombjr  Hi Elliott,   Most gimballed arms are designed to have minimum friction around the center of their range of movement.   Bill