You can't afford a Lambo Veneno, so get this..

For the audio gear heads.

Open ordering starts TODAY!

The included Lamborghini stamper LP has revs of 1966 Muira.

Put your Ray Ban aviators on,  red scarf and light a cigarette. Turn volume to 10


How silly. I don't see what that cross merchandising would do for either brand. 

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Automobili Lamborghini and Technics present the direct drive turntable system


Perhaps it's reserved for the top 2% of the crowd that buys one of these?

20211004113919_Fender-MoFi-PrecisionDeck-Turntable04-Web.jpg (1200×800)


I believe Nigel would insist on Jaguar or Aston Martin!


The Fender is a beautiful table and the collaboration between the two makes perfect sense.   The LamboTable, not so much. 


I agree. The Fender connection makes much more sense. The looks are more appealing and the musical connection would appeal to many audiophiles.

So weird.  Might be the only Lamborghini associated thing that won't be in the repair shop every other month.

Who better than Fender to build a good TT. Except maybe Gibson. At least the Gibson of old.

Yeah this seems more than a bit silly — an ultra-premium, exotic sports car manufacturer putting their name on a budget turntable??? Thankfully for Lamborghini their car sales don’t rely at all on their obviously clueless marketing department. They shoulda just put out the album that at least has the useful benefit of recording what their glorious combustion engines sounded like for posterity and left it at that. IMO they should be spending all their available time figuring out how they’re gonna continue to successfully compete in a battery-powered world where all the snarl and allure of their exotic engines is completely neutered and where family sedans and sub $50k cars can easily match their acceleration. Wealthy car aficionados and collectors will obviously still buy them for their looks, scarcity, and prestige, but a serious leg has been chopped out from beneath their very expensive stool/business model and I don’t envy nearly as as much their future. Anybody gonna wanna buy an album of the sound of Lambo’s future battery-powered cars? Ugh. Progress do come at a price sometimes.

Aligning with an Italian manufacturer would seem more appropriate- Gold Note?



I had to use another thread to ask you if you know why your thread was removed. What happened ?

Wouldn't want the table, but I wouldn't mind the record - used to own a V12 Lambo.

@lewm-or a Periscopo Countach. Al Burtoni (RIP) had fully restored one for 95k back in the mid-'90s. I went to look at it. I couldn't really fit into it, the fit and finish was like a kit car. The Miura was probably the most stunning--the early non-SVs went for pocket change back in the '90s. I ran with somebody who had a beautiful 400 in green, with green tinted windows. One of the oddballs was a bowling ball sparkle painted Espada that was part of the collection of the Principality of Monaco, with a glass sunroof that covered front and back. It was used for tours on behalf of the royal family. 

I only had one Lambo (was mainly a F-car guy). But it was the last run of the Diablo, after Audi took over the marque- the 6 liter. Much better fit and finish, I think the rear tires were 335s. Not exactly a tossable car in the twisties, but man, that engine! Was quite exotic for the money. 

I drove all these cars, none were garage queens. That was an interesting period in my life. 

Many years ago, needless to say, I test drove a Miura that was for sale. It was an S version with 12,000 miles, and the price was $17,500!!!!! At high speed, the front end felt floaty, and that kind of frightened me. Everything else about the car was perfect. And I very stupidly declined the opportunity, just because I was frightened of that handling characteristic which is probably characteristic of the car except maybe for the SV version, where they added a much needed front spoiler. Certainly that was one of the worst car decisions I ever made. I still worship the looks of the Miura.

Yep. The earliest F- BB, a 365, had the same issue. Later versions, ala 512BB and BBi fixed that problem. The 365 BB is a serious piece these days. Alas, the days of these being found for mere mortal money are in the rear view. 

The long front overhang forward of the wheels is a design turnoff for me when I look at the 365 BB and its later iterations. And I bet that generates lift as well.

I'm fearful that when the turntable goes 0-60, the cartridge might break ;)