Just noticed I haven't seen him post in a while.  Maybe that last McIntosh thread put him over the edge?  Or maybe his chickens got him?  Or, maybe I'm missing something?


I’m also concerned about one of my favorite posters. I just checked again and there’s no indication that he is suspended. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are some posters here who have referred to him as Dave...can you let us know if he is okay?

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Glad to hear your cousin, oldhvymec is doing fine. I always thought he was a straight shooter when he posted information. Perhaps, just to brash for some. I could still ascertain and derive the main points from his posts. Having been a combat arms Soldier for a gazillion years, you get used to hard and very illustrious use of words. When he described his ailments, wow, I had felt as if he was one of my combat arms brothers who had been blown up…oldhvymec has been through hell and back. And he was still able to provide useful information to those who can extract the true meaning behind his posts. Living with daily pain is no joke, and he is enjoying life, despite it all. Amen, brother. 


thank you for letting us know he is doing okay. I miss reading his posts in this forum. It’s obvious he has a wealth of knowledge to share and is always happy to help. I had a similar problem were the system logged me out and then locked my account. Took me a couple of days to get it sorted out. 


I happy hear old hemmy ok. I was fear these new digital jitter guy team up and run him out. These guy squawk like old crow at bird in nest but no bench press power. I rip like Arnold lady fall to ground when I walk pass. If he want come back we go to bat for hemmy.

@ohm2scuz thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear Scott is all right health wise. Seems like Audiogon should be able to help him get back on line unless there was an internal problem we don't know about.

Yeah, right. 😀

I was fear these new digital jitter guy team up and run him out.

What's fun about oldhvy is he hides just how intelligent he is behind deliberately misspelled words. He can be quite articulate when he wants to be.

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Thanks for the update.  He is quite a character around here and the forum is certainly better off with him!  

@ohm2scuz Glad to hear "Scotty" is ok! Miss his posts. Really appreciate how he helped me numerous times via DM.

Thanks ohm2scuz! Great to know it's not a medical issue. Hope he gets the log on situation straightened out. To me, it's the variety of characters and opinions that make this forum interesting.

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Thanks for the update.Your cousin has been cracking me up for a few years now.

Tell him to stop in and say hello. That is when he’s done feeding the chickens.


I read a lot here, and seldom post............. I've always enjoyed Old Heavy's posts........ Glad he's OK, and looking for more from him........

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@ohm2scuz , when you mentioned ohm had taped his hands, 1st thought was his chickens had finally molted, revolted, and took him down for the entire bag of ChickChow....

"....damn fowl pecked my pinkies until I dropped the f'n bag..... Btw, anybody want a gallon or two of chicken broth?  Took all the meaty bits to the bbq for a personal fund raiser for the Next Big Thing..."

...just channeling the ohms' laws....;)

I have to thank the admin staff for the fine job they're doing in keeping the polluters off their forums lately.  THANK YOU MODERATORS!!!

I figured ohm just took a break from the nonsense or he found his tractor-riding farmgirl ... 😄👍

Your right he's a smart bunny, he's no "Dumb Bunny" :-)

I see my cousin Red only left one message. LOL He is kind of shy. 

I had one of my hands put back together. 3 pins put in. One got infected of course.

The one in my wrist. Looked like a basketball. All fixed now.. That hurt..

My cousins speakers sure sound good though.. RM40s I added sound coat, 40 lb of bracing a 60lb base. 350lb each. . I think I'm going to buy or make another pair..

Picked up a pair of MC30s and a LM3886 dual mono/balanced. The MC30 look almost new. :-) 15 years since, sense, I had a pair, pear!! :-)

I been working on a new stand mount speaker baffle. First for me. Neo 10 planar & AC G3.

Free hand router work. Stupid pins kept hitting everything.. 

Time to feed the chickens..


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I can count on you to be the party pooper that’s for sure.. I thought the OP asked what happened to OHM? You know something? Don’t feel left, I’ll pay attention to ya. I've met a few people that irritating others really gave them pleasure. Just goes to show. It takes all kinds. Swat splat....

5 repairs down, just 11 to go. Middle finger works pretty good.. :-)

And before you say it.. "Aw Bless".

I’m glad it was a false alarm.  @Oldhvymec is a true audiophile who generously shares his knowledge in helping others.  If stars were given out, his would be gold.

Wishing him a quick recovery 


*sotto voce*  ...he's down to one finger, and we already know which one took precedence....'obviously', reality or no....🤨

*talk 'Normal"....

*sigh*  Well, so much for another potential 'wake' to get baked @.....*damn*

And thanks for putting the demise theorists' minds out of gear...too much going on, anyway....👌

kennyc I stay in recovery.. LOL You should have seen me tipping up those 350 pounders. I should have put on a dipper. Mercy.. 

Back to the goodies. New toys abound. I need a warehouse. Retirement is too fun..


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Yah, I used to work with an old machinist who had the same kind of humor. It was great. Always made me think. "You want that square with the room or square with the world?"


Perhaps a reference to the art work of Magnus Muhr ?  Nah  far too cerebral methinks