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2nd systems- who’s got one?
I just add number 13 system but I have resident in 4 country.  
Vandersteen 7 and room treatment
I have pair in woodshop 10 ft ceiling. Have drill press and radial saw behind lathe on left side. Right side have lumber rack. Sound very nice. Fly the richard out.  
Scams abound
I go pound them with barbel. Little cheat no make real money  
Tannoy Everyone?! with Leben CS600 or Pass XA25/30.5?
Leben like skin girl with big beamer mid body need sunglass look at otherwise get mesmerize. Some tube like love letter write with fountain pen romantic but lack big ball big driver need ss or tube mono like my ref 750. Wife sister have old Arden ... 
Has the cost of HiFi gotten a bit too much?
aspiring toward a goal rather than whining about not having soming something? this statement genius. We all must have goal dream vision execution unless we ultimate be unfill robot cog in large picture. No just bench press say to self I going b... 
Chirp in speak
Anyone on this thread hear back Miller or oldhemmy?  
Warm but holographic & forward vocals.
I have pair Vandy 7 in basement workshop back in state and they really fine speaker. They on opposite wall I have Maggie in gym where I pump iron get back lady love this.Listen to guys that say drive to hear. Take early morning get on Highway let ... 
If money was and was not of any concern when buying speakers.
Maybe you find custom Wilson or YG that fit taste. Wallpaper make come back.  
Subwoofer Choice Question SVS, Majico, JL Audio, REL
I have Thor hammer in pool house. Six pack stack rel in main system.  
God doesn't need to know what time it is.
I only wear finest watch clothes and shoe. The girl pass to ground when I strut through same space as she.  
If money was and was not of any concern when buying speakers.
I own Maggie Rockport Wilson cesarro b&w Zu and Deville for my garage. All speaker have signature that rebound and conjure mystical quality that touch mind like librarian out feather on shaft in elevator when first meet after maid bring home f... 
Best Isolation Device for Speakers?
My wife sister Mount pair of spring on her tennis sneaker and we all better for that.  
Subwoofer Choice Question SVS, Majico, JL Audio, REL
Is this that guy that drool all over cabin every time get a new gear? Get sub that go deep not rink dink sub you must pay plus $4000 stay away bargain want be sub.  
God doesn't need to know what time it is.
It bring tear to my eye to hear such good example of why so many buy cheap watch and drive old car. I never understand why guy no work harder and try get ahead but it make sense some want nothing good.I think maybe that what make world go in circl... 
Is it me? Will I ever be satisfied?
Try other room. Maybe that fix problem. If that case you no you no have match problem. My guess you speaker not fit wall vibration  right