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There's No Question
@benmeadows  ”When I listen to mine I just can't imagine how another speaker can do better.” 🤣 Oh My …. You really are the second coming , Shiller Carbon would be so very proud of having spawned you.   
There's No Question
@mijostyn , I think that you are being a little too kind 😆  
Turntable Upgrade Advice
“ Millercarbon might be able to get you a discount now that he's an OL dealer rep...That's who I will be buying with. “   Really ! Why ?  
I downloaded high-res files and...
“ My Aurender sounds as good as my high end vinyl side. “ You really need to check the current setup on your vinyl system as I find this situation rather curious , Oh just realised LP12 , as you were then 😉  
what to do with a stereo that needs repair
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Invariably you should recover your costs in having the amplifier repaired should you decide to sell upon return , you will achieve a much better price for a working amplifier and it will be easier to fi... 
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
@willgolf  ” I thought the X-1 was the best DAC I had heard under $18k.  I purchased a Lampizator Pacific and at first there was very little difference between the two. “   Most interesting Will , I assume that you havn’t posted that considerat... 
Absorption, Diffusion or a combination of it all?
@pedroeb  “ Perhaps I'm a purist. I want to hear the recording the way it was produced and intended to be heard.“   In a recording / production studio invariably packed with wall to ceiling room correction treatments you mean ?  
Xangsane SP-9001AG silver interconnect
Whilst not wishing you guys anything other than great sound using these cables there is a bit of an Elephant in the room here in that the main conductor’s cannot be both 4N / 6N purity whilst also advertised as “Sterling Silver” Sterling silver is... 
Wilson to Tekton to ????
Wilson to Tekton to ????
 The transducer equivalent of “ I sold the Porsche and bought a Trabant “   
Accuphase E380 upgrade?
@duketbrd88 Buy what will make you happy , Life is short ,  its as simple as fhat.  
UP-OCC solid core copper for speaker cable
@havocman , He is labouring under the impression that the cable that you are talking about has been listed on *Amazon.com* and is asking for a link that doesn’t exist.   
Candidates for best speakers in the $2000-5000 market
Tekton = cheaply made PA noise boxes for Clowns 🚫  
Power cords: Anticable vs Mad Scientist
@ebm , Yes I concur , of the several alternative recommendations thus far at similar price point I would recommend Zavfino   
The best plug in filter ever!
“ I'm so grateful that I don't need any of these "improvements".“   How do you know this  for certain without demo-ing these devices in your own system ?