Can a Bluesound Node 2i power supply really be upgraded?

I improving its components, not with a YOUR preferred streamer brand...;-)
Sure, you can upgrade the C-7 power cord. We all get that.

But, what about the power supply.
I only see 3 options:

1. Fidelity in UK
2. Some dude in Poland selling on eBay
3. Rumors of Teddy Pardo making one for the Node 2i.

It has to be DIY for the first two and not really what I'm looking to do with my streamer - I mean, if i'm going to to a DIY LPS upgrade, I'd like it to be easier to buy.

Anybody know anything or actually made it work?
i think the ps upgrade for the node would help the sound of its mediocre dac the most... not sure if there is bang for the buck if it is used as streamer only... maybe knowledgeable persons with real insight into the construction of the node 2i and how the various sections of the unit could comment...
Yes I have the Polish one and it's a great upgrade. I'm only using it as a streamer and pair it with a good LPS. Easy to install and best bang for the buck upgrade in my system. No question.
Question is, if you spend the money on the the new board and a quality linear power supply, are you adding $600 or more to it? Might be better to look at another option. I have a Vault 2 and I’m considering moving on to a Lumin U1 Mini, which I’d probably still throw on a Teddy Pardo. Shame BS didn’t just build these devices with the cheap external switch supplies. 
@adg101 I've done the comparison with a $10k streamer (I won't say the brand but PM me if you'd like to know). Still preferred the PSU upgraded BS and used to $$ for home improvement projects.
I’ve not come across anything for the Vault II, not IIi or might try it. I use a Teddy Pardo on my DAC and am I strong believer on power supplies... I’m a big fan of Walt Jung. I’m tempted to pop the case and see if it would be a simple affair. Half tempted to see if Teddy Pardo would take a stab at it and even ship my Vault II to them.

I do agree the BS sounds really good as a streamer, but I’m really curious what’s the next best cracker. None of our local shops carry anything in stock unfortunately, so I have nothing I drag home to compare. 
I have the Fidelity upgrade to the Node2i. Does make a small but discernable improvement.

Stuck with BLuos? Hardly. Even so, it's widely regarded as a solid iOS app. Very stable with easy 3rd part integration to Tidal, Qobuz, etc.

I can use it if I want.
I can go from Tidaldirect.
I can use Bluetooth.
I can use WiFi.
I can use ethernet.
I can use its DAC.
I can use my Chord Qutest.

It's simply a fantastic product and NO ONE has been able to measurably show that spending $1500 more on a Lumin actually improves SQ.
Sorry that you don’t know any better. It’s the first streaming app I ever used and I’ve found others that are faster, easier and do all that and more except for Tidal Connect and who needs it?
I’d rather have BandCamp and SoundCloud.
Too bad you don’t have THAT option on a BluNode.
Maybe you should bought something with LPS built in and swappable OS.
Instead of pricey lipstick.
@wjob Interesting...I have the Polish one and it is more than small difference for me in my system. Got better when I upgraded my LPS as well.

Thanks for the condescension. It Usually is a poor substitute for substance.
There is an art form in finding performance in value products and then enhancing that value incrementally. But, feel free to do as you see fit. There is no one size fits all solution, mate.

Mine works for me and my system sounds rock effing solid.

Bluesound Node 2i
Chord Qutest DAC with Teddy Pardo PS
Belles Aria Signature int amp
Dynaudio Special 40s
Audience AU24se cables.

Back to the music....
@rareace - I suppose it depends on your system, quality of the power, reclocking of the DAC, etc.  I think the key learning is that you can improve the Node by a power modification in a meaningful way.
No condescension intended. Started with sorry.
Substance?? Really!
Glad that your are happy. I said stuck and you like it. What's the big deal.
Just to put in my 2 cents worth, I got the PD Creative update from Poland and installed it in a node2.  It then requires an out board linear power supply which I didn’t know when I did it.. however  I got one from Amazon and installed a synergistic black fuse, and used a thick shielded 2.5mm cable to hook the power supply to the node. Let me tell you this is no joke! It was like a new component. Crystal clear, excellent sound stage, and “dead” I mean “dead quiet”.I can’t believe this made such a huge difference. Highly recommended. 
@lanrmack - you could try putting good cables on your Node 2i

Granted, this IS NOT a cheap solution, but it migrates nicely to the next streaming device you buy and you DO NOT have to dive into the guts of your NODE 2i to apply it.

I have the Node 2i and have built these power and interconnect cables, which provides exceptional results - very noticeable.

My Audio Alchemy (

The improvements exceeded my expectations and has continued to improve as I have updated the power and interconnect cables with different wires/insulations

You may like to read this thread for the opinions of others that use these cables in preference to some very established brands...

I also have these cables on the PowerNode 2 and the Pulse Mini and the improvements were exceptional

Just another approach to your problem

Regards - Steve

i haven’t bit the bullet and gone w roon yet but of all the streaming softwares i have tried (and have tried about a half dozen) i like blu os the best... it is not perfect but it is very good, though you need to do updates reasonably often... it is a quick and painless procedure

on a separate note, i would imagine @dinov got the improvement on the node with the polish ps mod + lps primarily in the dac section... 
Are there better streamers than the BS Node? Certainly. However I find for value,I’m all in with them. I actually run 3 Nodes. A N1,2,and 2i. I find my systems very pleasing to my ears. But certainly not the final word. I’ve upgraded cables on the 2,and 2i,and also run these through external DACs. The N1 I use in a little system in my breezeway. I’m using the internal DAC on that one. It is adequate.

I would love to hear a BS product with an upgraded power supply. I’m not an electronic diy kind of guy,and I would be afraid of blowing something up. So I stick with what I know,switching cables. Remember what Clint Eastwood said; “ Every man must know his limitations.”
@rocray The Teddy Pedro PS upgrade looks really nice but I just can’t justify spending anymore (much less $500) on tweaking my Node2i. I have a Cat8, Cullen power cord and a Cardas lightning 15 digi coax to a external Dac (ARC 7) and while I’m pretty happy with it, I’m still hunting for a streamer that fills the gap between the BS Node and Lumin Mini.
So,  a little late on this input, but here it is.
I went to, which is the PD Creative website in Poland. I am an Aerospace engineer myself, so I asked a number of questions before buying the PS replacement. 
I ordered the upgrade kit without power supply and installed it in my personal Node 2i. I used a 5volt  Sbooster's BOTW LPS that I already owned to power it.
I have to say I was able to hear an immediate improvement in noise level and clarity.
This was a worthwhile investment for me. YMMV.
Agreed.  The Polish LPS upgrade makes it better.   Very good value for money.   Next is maybe a better DAC. 
Installed the Polish upgrade in my Node 2i in less than 30 minutes.  Proof of the pudding?  My wife — not knowing I did this, asked me “did you buy something new? This is SO much clearer!  (She’s not an audiophile by any stretch of the definition).  In summary, I’m thrilled with the upgrade.   My 2c…
i posted this question to others on this thread, have not received any answers

for those who did the power supply upgrade on your node 2i, is the improvement you heard in the digital output clarity -- or is the improvement at the analog output?

in answering, please describe the rest of your system - dac (if applicable), amp, speakers in particular

thanks in advance
I use an external DAC and find both the PD Creative modified Node2i and new NODE tremendously improved. I’ve just added the Sbooster lps to the NODE and it’s a Significant upgrade as well. My system is listed near the end of a similar thread (see post 8-17-21) here:
Btw, as a stand alone streamer I find the NODE a notch or two above the 2i (Mean Well smps powering each).

i have had a miserable time with the Ifi Zen Stream getting it to work in my system for what ever reason.  i am not blaming anyone, it just will not function and the retailer will not refund me.  so since i need just a streamer the Bluesound sounds like a better bet, at least i can spend more time listening to music and less time fidgeting around with this thing.  and the Bluesound dealer is just down the street and not in another country.

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I also have a Bluesound 2i with PD Creative and Sbooster 
via digital coax on my Michi x3 - the difference was very significant, to my sensation far above the "Cambridge Audio CXN (V2)" I tried in parallel, only slightly below the Naim Audio ND5 XS 2. May of course also be due to the Michi DAC.  

I am the OP on this thread.

I have a Teddy Pardo 5v LPS (for my new BS Node N130) coming in a week.

Will be curious to report results.

Installed the Teddy Pardo LPS to my Bluesound Node (2021) last week.

install was smooth but not quite like the pics on TP web site. They miss a few things.

very happy with result. What is delivered is simple: fuller, darker, juicier sound.

well worth it. I use the Node as “transport only” as I have a Pontus II DAC and since I had the TP 5v already with a Chord Qutest, i only had to buy the kit and cable for $100. No brainer. 

I got the PD Creative update from Poland and installed it in a node2.  It then requires an out board linear power supply which I didn’t know when I did it.. however  I got one from Amazon and installed a synergistic black fuse, and used a thick shielded 2.5mm cable to hook the power supply to the node.

@thegm @dinov 

May I ask what the total cost was?
It seems that the Teddy Pardo kit is expensive compared to the one from PD from Poland, but then there's more required than just the adapter from PD Creative, right?

So, I'm wondering what the PD setup costs, after adding in the other necessaries.


@jjss49 Ever more ahead with yours?

I bought the one from Poland; the total was US $129 -- that's "all in".  That included shipping and the kit required no additional parts.  Easy installation, and it works great!  Could not be happier.

@hilde45 Less than $200 all in. Easy to install. The power supply is available on Amazon. The power supply cord I got on eBay. The AC power cord I had made was a Cullen. As it’s broken in, everything I play off the node( streaming and files)  has improved dramatically. Extremely quiet….spooky as compared to without the supply. This has taken some time to break in, buts it’s noticeable even on back ground music playing. It’s held me off on buying a new streamer and was fun to install. 

Agree about PD Creative, in Poland.

 .Pawel has been doing this for quite a while now. He has kits for both the original Node 2i and the new Node 'Gen 3'. I have used both. Board quality is excellent. He does sell an LPS, but I used an existing SBooster I already owned. Easy to install and significant difference in audio clarity, lower noise floor. Well worth doing, IMO.


Thanks, all. So, $200 with the power supply. That's a good deal. 

@jjss49 asked whether it improved the sound when sending the sound out to an external DAC. Can you confirm that was your setup? I might have missed that detail in your descriptions, so if you can please repeat for me? Thank you.

@jjss49 I run mine thru a McIntosh D 150 dac. And yes it is nice! So nice I just bought a Nordost Valhalla digital interconnect to connect the node to the dac. I thought it’s now worthy of a good digital cable.