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Simaudio 340 i hard to beat for the $$
Yes, it exists. it’s called the Linear Tube Audio Z40+ https://www.lineartubeaudio.com/products/z40-integrated-amplifier  
getting into streaming
here was my stream sequence:   I started with an Apple TV to a cheap peachtree dac. Then dedicated Arcam Airplay dac streamer thing. Then a Bluesound Node 2i. Then Node to a Chord Qutest. Then added a LPS to Chord. Then brought in Pontus II... 
Bluesound Node 2i vs Upscale streamers
3 weeks ago, I bought an Auralic Aries G1.1 streamer. It replaced a Bluesound Node 130 with Teddy Pardo LPS.    The Auralic sounds much, much better. Cleaner, clearer, deeper, wider, fuller. I have a pretty resolving system. Linear Tube Audio Z4... 
Bought the Chord Qutest. Love it. Hate the power supply.
I had a Qutest and added a Teddy Pardo 5v LPS. very substantial positive impact. I have since moved on from Chord but still have the LPS and happy to sell it. it also has the cable and kit to work with a Bluesound node. Happy to sell it.  DM i... 
Bought the Chord Qutest. Love it. Hate the power supply.
I had a Chord Qutest and when I added a Teddy Pardo LPS it was a substantial improvement in SQ. I sold the Chord and put the TP LPS on my Bluesound Node. That also was a significant improvement.      
PS Audio "AirLens" streamer coming soon?
i2S output from a streamer is a huge plus as i have a Denafrips Pontus II.  Curious also about Mercury Streamer V2 and Holo.  
Steamer upgrade? Follow up follow up
Just wish that all of these emphatic and exuberant users of those $6k+ steamer-only products would kindly describe what they experienced after they bought and installed such a coveted piece of gear. I know what I heard when I bought and installed... 
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
I think I found the solution...for me: PS Audio AirLens. Will give it a try and report back...;-)  
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
@thyname : No, not at all. I'm just looking for objecticity and your resposnse only confirms my main objection: You cant describe the sonic benefits and instead collapse under the weight of your own convictions in your more expensive choice.   T... 
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
I certainly WOULD give it a try but I need WiFi connection and have a perfect 800mb connection. Lumin, aurender, auralic all require direct Ethernet and that would be a pain as I have a 120 yo home with thick brick walls.    can aurender do wifi?  
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
I know you can’t imagine what you have not experienced…..but, I’m waiting for any professional, reviewer, hobbyist or other to objectively define just how and why a $6k streamer only can yield better results other than other the mantra: Trust us, ... 
Streamer upgrade? follow up.
Ahem….the OP has had his new toy for 24 hrs….the infatuation phase. Y’all are lapping up a giddy reaction like it was some new Stereophile Class A Recommended product.    $6K for just a streamer head? You effing kidding me?    FWIW, I took a 5V ... 
Integrated amplifier for Dynaudio Heritage Special
Strong recommendation for Belles amps and Dynaudio. The Virtuoso and Aria Dual Mono are in your range. I use a Belles Aria Signature to drive my Dyn Heritage Specials. Love it.  
Amp & Pre or Integrated for Dynaudio Heritage Special
I have a pair of Dyn Heritage Specials (and Special 40s). I use a Belles Aria Signature and think it sounds great. Have an LTA Z40+ coming in on rial in 3 weeks, so we will see.  
Comments on NODE 3 Power Supply Upgrade
I have a Node "3" with a Teddy Pardo LPS and think it sounds great.  Better soundstage, music separation and a more sophisticated presentation overall. And I use an external DAC (Denafrips Pontus II). Same as when a took that sme TD LPS and put ...