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Insurance for system
As stated by others, stereo equipment is covered under the personnel property coverage of your HO policy. However, records are considered media and may have a specific dollar limit. Read the policy   
Think I ruined stylus
Get little Little Fwend.   
Modwright PH 9.0X Tube Rolling Question
Contact Kristen at Modwright, she has a list of recommended NOS tubes. I settled on a Amperex Bugleboy 5AR4 and a 1950's Mullard 5AR4. Brent Jessee and Vintage Tube Services are two good sources.    
Kind of Blue
@tylermunns  You are what I refer to as "A long day". I really like women's (that would be female) college softball.   
Modwright Phono stage power supply ugrade
I should also add, I've had the Parasound JC3 and Pass XP-15 among a few other less expensive phono preamps. In my system the Parasound was a bit noisy, although it is very good. The Pass Labs was excellent and very quiet. Both have dip switches a... 
Modwright Phono stage power supply ugrade
I also did it. I only had the preamp for a month before I did the upgrade, so I really can't comment on changes in the sound. I upgraded the umbilical to a Triode Wire Labs cable. I think MW was recommending WyWires, but they were too pricey for m... 
What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.
Do a search for AG member, jjss49. Look at his thread "dacs that I have had in my system - a listing". I am unable to attach the link at this time     
Covers for racks to keep dust off?
I have amplifier covers made to order by Excellent quality and reasonable. Stan can even embroider the logo if wanted.  
Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
I have owned NAD CDP's in the past and always found them to have a nice smooth analog type sound. They are reasonably priced, usually with Wolfson or Burr Brown DAC's.    
Credenza or media stand for hiding away equipment
I had mine built by a cabinet maker. The first shelf is open for the integrated amp. The rest of the shelves (adjustable) are hidden behind a door with a perforated black panel.      
Finally got a Luxman
I have the same Luxman Integrated, got it about five years ago on closeout. It's a great amp and was in my price range.     
Any recommendation for a CD changer?
I have the Onkyo changer in my garage. It's reliable and sounds good.    
help choosing a turn table
If you get the P3, go straight to an Exact 2. Skip the Elys cartridge.  
Turntable dust cover cleaning
Once you you get it clean, just use a very slightly dampened microfiber cloth with distilled water.   
SL1200G - Tonearm shape from side question for owners
What headshells have you tried tried? Many of the aftermarket ones I've seen are quite heavy.