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Just installed a bluesound node 2i , quality not so good
i am using a NAD D1050  sounds quite good, if anyone can recommend something better who know this please let me know  
A Better Bluesound AC Cable?
better to spend money on an external DAC, if you are using it as a transport only, its academic.  
Can a Bluesound Node 2i power supply really be upgraded?
i have had a miserable time with the Ifi Zen Stream getting it to work in my system for what ever reason.  i am not blaming anyone, it just will not function and the retailer will not refund me.  so since i need just a streamer the Bluesound sound... 
My Ifi Zen Stream Review: 3D Soundstage!
got the Zen Stream replaced, but now my NAD D1050 DAC'S coax connection has gone south. its being repaired but is 8 years old. still it sounds terrific. can anyone who knows this DAC recommend something as good or better to replace it with 
A Very Useful New Discovery--EON Digital Filter from Network Acoustics
i may get this to connect to my Oppo 103 for streaming. 
My Ifi Zen Stream Review: 3D Soundstage!
the IFi Zen Stream sounds great, but i sent mine back after struggling for 2 months to get it to work consistently. hope springs eternal a and i stuck with it. its that good. IFI rushed this to the market. still a work in progress imho. i am think... 
New Cary DMS 700
i just bought the IFI Zen Streamer it $399 and sounds utterly transparent. looking for a new DAC to pair it with. i must say my venerable NAD D1050 is providing more than adequate for now running Roon.  Rega speakers and electronics. 
Advice on a streamer
i too have recently purchased a IFI Zen Stream and can attest to its sound quality.  however i am experiencing some connection issues with Tidal.  its a new product and i am sure that IFI will find a firmware update, so i will soldier on. its that... 
USB cable from external HD to Oppo BDP 103
i am running a Audioquest Forest from a WD hard drive into my 103 and hard to tell vs. the stock WD usb cable.  i think money may be better spent with a high quality coax between the OPPO and the DAC. 
Should I sell my Oppo 205?
i am currently using an Oppo 103 with a 6TB external HD. i have had issues with playing flac. files. the music will skip a beat or a lyric will stutter. i am thinking of ditching the Oppo for music and buying a NAS and streaming my music from it? ... 
Best Streamer for under (or not much over) $1K
anyone compare the Primare NP5 to the Cambridge CXN V2? 
$10k DAC in a 3k system?
i have a modest Rega system and i am  very happy with a 7 year old NAD D1050 which i think retailed for $600 new.  any DAC in this price range in the last 7 years is probably good enough.  it does everything well. very musical and detailed, timing... 
Streaming vs. CD
i just compared some lossless tracks from Tidal to the same tracks of my hard drive in FLAC.  hard drive wins hand down.  more atmospheric, harmonic decay.  good bye streamer, hello Quboz and Presto download store. 
Streaming vs. CD
i am thinking of dropping my Tidal subscription but keeping my Spotify just to find some new stuff. if i than hear something i like i will buy a Flac download through Quboz or Band Camp. its just nice to have the file if you are up in Nepal away f... 
Tidal/OPPO streaming issue
i have an Oppo 103 and Tidal is built in.  works well, you just need to find it on the bottom menu and sign in.  what i miss is Spotify which is not supported by OPPO