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Least expensive plug-in power conditioner that works
Fwiw, I run my modem and router into a PS Audio Power Center w- Virtual Dynamics Power 3 PC. It’s a well built and reliable piece of gear. Does it make a detectable difference?…mehh, can’t say for sure. Nevertheless I refuse to plug any component ... 
How cheap can you go and still be happy with the sound?
An old cheap setup I had, (not pictured is BS Node2i) Enjoyable? Yes. High Quality sound? No.  
Did anyone return a PSAudio Powerplant? Why?
I have my source components on an older Powerplant and it effectively lowers the noise floor and it’s great for power management / system protection. On the other hand, NOT good, for amps & subs. It will restrict dynamics and shrink soundstage... 
Denafrips -Bashing Denafrips New 12th anniversary models
Terminator 1…love it. Zero desire to upgrade to anything I’ve heard since!   
Tidal removing all MQA
Left analog decades ago and I do not miss it. I loved the high cool factor but the upkeep would constantly ping my OCD. I enjoy music more without it.  
Stack Audio-SmoothLAN Network Filter- WOW!
Interesting…I’ve yet to find any filer that’s worthwhile but @ $280 bucks delivered, I might give this a try. I’m using Supra CAT8, modem to router and router to streamer… I would assume it would make sense to obtain a short run of supra and ditch... 
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
Not disclosing brand names is ridiculous. Brand pairing has been discussed a million times.  
All Hail the meek --yet mighty – NODE 2i
Had one and enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s definitely great for what it is, but it’s no giant killer.  
Worst Speakers Ever??
@1971gto455ho  oh gawd, IIRC they were low end Rs10? Bookshelves. My eyes (and ears) weren’t opened until I got into my 1st Apogee Acoustic and Vandersteens.  
Worst Speakers Ever??
B&W (Infinity), Polk, JBL, Klipsch, Cerwin Vega…ahh the cringeworthy memories! edited: Infinity not b&w  
Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations
Don’t sleep on Reference 3A, they are spectacular!  
Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)
Chasing the HiFi rabbit takes away from the audiophile experience. I’ve cut back on listening to gear that is the latest/greatest or beyond my grasp and it has allowed me to better enjoy what I have.   
Is more amp power always better...?
IMO, Amp / speaker pairing is a tough nut to crack. So much comes into play. Listening preferences I think is a major factor that gets overlooked. I’ve had a 200wpc beast that didn’t sound good unless it was pushed to volume levels I don’t find en... 
Made Major Upgrade at $0 Cost in 1 Minute
@tcotruvo I don’t want to sway out of my lane here as I’m no expert. I strongly suggest that you dig into some of the threads here on Agon about speaker placement and sub setups. There’s a vid on YT by “new record day” titled L.O.T.S. Which I fo... 
Made Major Upgrade at $0 Cost in 1 Minute
@tcotruvo just to clarify, subs should be felt not heard. With your sub on, from your listening position you shouldn’t hear music coming from the sub but you clearly detect a shift in the ambiance/sound pressure of the room. Music should sound h...