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FUSE BOX delivers perfect protection and superior sound
I received my Fuse Box and right out of the box it’s a nice improvement over the stock fuse. I also agree the Brass is the better sluggo and along with the Purons have added an impressive uptick in performance!  
AudioQuest vs Cardas XLR
I’ve had Dragon and Clear Beyond. I prefer Cardas hands down…but it will come down to personal preference as both cables are great. Cardas just sounds much more natural without loss of detail/resolution.   
Network Acoustics Eno Streaming System vs SGC Optical Isolation System
@lalitk What mesh system were you using? Did you power it with an LPS?  
Shunyata Omega QR BB vs AudioQuest Dragon HC
@nyev I haven’t had the opportunity to demo Nordost but I also mix and match brands with other cords to find the right synergistic balance. It sounds like you could benefit from power conditioning. I wouldn’t be without mine as it’s the foundation... 
Best place to insert a new higher end cable in my system?
Source by far made the biggest improvement for me. -Alex  
Shunyata Omega QR BB vs AudioQuest Dragon HC
@nyev Thanks for sharing your feedback as playing with cables can be a revelation. I’ve tried AQ Hurricane and Dragon which were good but had a slight analytical character. Since then I’ve moved on to boutique brands such as Hijiri Takumi, Sablon ... 
Cambridge Audio Cxnv2 Truth Mod /tubes make all the difference
@knighttodd I also upgraded to NOS tubes and noticed the same uplift. Also, another major improvement was adding Marigo Audio footers & platform and Entreq signal grounding at one of the digital inputs. -Alex  
What I have found - Makes a good Cable !
@williewonka how do you like Inakustik vs Hijiri? I’ve had a chance to have both of those in my system and they are fantastic! -Alex  
Streamer vs renderer vs music server...help
When it comes to digital everything matters in the chain from router to DAC. This is the noisiest chain so cleaning up the signal with switches, grounding and linear power supplies are key to great digital sound.  -Alex  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@pokey77 Forgot to ask which generation Optimum cable you are using? Is it the EVO3? -Alex  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@lalitk My conditioner uses a 20 amp IEC inlet and I have a Isotek Syncro that prevents DC from entering my components reducing buzzing from my transformers. I didn’t know they have a model above Takumi. What is the price if this limited edition c... 
The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
@lalitk I inserted Marigo's new Orpheus platforms as well under the footers and further improvements to detail and noise floor. Amazing combo! -Alex  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@lalitk On my source Modwright Cambridge CXN V2  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
Just ordered the Takumi PC to try in my system.  @pokey77 Which Isotek cable did you have? I'm running the Optimums in my system which I preferred over some upper tier AQ offerings. -Alex  
The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
Marigo Audio Mystery Feet bettered the CM2 footers from Critical Mass on my DAC and didn’t have to go through the 2 week settling period. Lower noise floor, better dynamics and overall musicality. -Alex