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McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
Mikey certainly ain't wrong about Jeff Rowland gear.    
Decision: keep the Project Classic or buy into a Linn Axis?
"Back when it was first introduced there was very little difference in sound when compared to the LP12. It still has the Linn family sound." That is just not true.   The Axis was a fine rival for the Rega P2 and P3 but it inot even in the same ba... 
Can a Bluesound Node 2i power supply really be upgraded?
Agreed.  The Polish LPS upgrade makes it better.   Very good value for money.   Next is maybe a better DAC.  
What I’m looking for in a streaming transport
Teddy also has a LPS upgrade for the Bluesound Node.   UI is outstanding.   I use mine for streaming and also for transport of .flacs stored on an NAS hanging off the same router.  Internal DAC is OK but will be the  second upgrade.