What to play in the evening?

What to play in the evening?

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Anything you feel like obviously. Are you asking what you should play, or what others play?

I usually like something calm and soothing so my go to CD is The Butthole Surfers, Electric Larryland. 

I like jazz… classic or fusion, or world, classical, rock or some alternative… hmmm,  I guess whatever I am in the mood for. 

An instrumental work with no more than 5 players. Just sit back and revel in the interplay. The truly talented can weave quite a story.

All the best,

If I intend to listen to some J.S. Bach, I have to play it last; no one can follow he.

I start the evening a little fast and hard Pink Floyd for example slowing a bit to Steely Dan or Dire Straits Sometimes a little classical if I am reading a good book.

All most always end with the female virtuosos, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Carol King. Nothing like being sung to sleep by a beautiful female voice..

Jazz, Miles Davis, jazz, BIll Evans, jazz, Art Pepper, jazz Art Farmer, jazz, Art Blakey, jazz, Hank Mobley, jazz……

Allman Brothers Band

Elvis Costello 

Warren Zevon

and most definitely Steely Dan

Happy Listening, Jim