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Stack Audio Auva Isolator
@audiopoint OT- Robert, was it your Star Sound Energy room that Mike Powell gave a tour that showed that you use ASR Basis preamp and Emitter amps? I'm considering buying the ASR Basis Excl... 
Stack Audio Auva Isolator
@tommyu @ozzy Love the conversations. Thanks guys...It is so confusing to figure out but you’re experiences help. I have sold my Townshend springs/platform/podiums(although I still use Townshend's Isolation corners for my 400 pound Sound Anchors ... 
Is it possible for a high end manufacturer to overprice their goods?
If it's one of the best sounding speakers in the world, it fits your listening room and you can afford it, what does it matter. It will be appreciated and give joy as much or more than a Patek Phillipe or other super expensive watch. It's all rela... 
Stack Audio Auva Isolator
@wcheng2 @ozzy Have you, or anyone here, tried Live Vibe Audio’s brass cones/discs? OCD Mikey and others swear by them. Mikey has tried Townshend Pods and many other isolators and he feels brass is the best. 
Isolation devices- to use 3 or 4 footers?
Anyone here use the brass cones from Live Vibe Audio? OCD Mikey raves about them. He's tried Townshend springs and finds the brass better. He hasn't tried Stacks yet.   
Upgrade Digital Cable Review
Townshend Audio's digital cables are great and reasonably priced.   
Looking for a component for ripping and playing CD's.
Alessis Masterlink  
Looking for a CD / SACD player. Also, tell me about Esoteric
Playback Designs MPS-8. Can't be beat.   
Power Cord for Accuphase Amplifier
Triode Wire Labs makes well made, reasonably priced cables.  
Mainstream Phono Stages Incorporating Premium Branded PCB Parts - Do They Exist?
Freidrich Shaefer's ASR Basis Exclusive HV battery powered phono preamp.   
Recommend a DAC based on Analog Devices?
Playback Designs Edelweiss or Dream DAC. EMM Labs might be the best DAC for the money.   
SOS! Suddenly have a high-end turntable, need to upgrade Amp + Speakers
Fischer & Fischer SN 70's speakers for the win.   
Developing A List Of Tonearm Candidates For A SOTA Turntable
@dover Could be! But I'm interested in the Nighthawk. Not the Blackbird. The Nighthawk was just released.  As you may have heard, the Nighthawk is a significant upgrade to the Blackbird. Perhaps the bearing pivot point was upgraded? There were s... 
Developing A List Of Tonearm Candidates For A SOTA Turntable
@dover   I've heard that Dohmann recently stopped recommending the Schroeder CB series as they found that there are better sounding arms; yet do recommend the Supatrac Blackbird and Nighthawk, which they feel "are a revelation with reference level... 
Developing A List Of Tonearm Candidates For A SOTA Turntable
Supatrac's Nighthawk. Or Blackbird for less cost. Great review by Fremer on the Blackbird.