The best $99 system upgrade ever!

Hello everyone I’d like to share with you the single best $99 upgrade. I’ve always suffered from excessive earwax, long ago when I was a boy my mom would clean my ears and unknowingly would put a Q-tip in my ear and do nothing but make my hearing worse because she claimed she would impact my head with earwax. As I got older I figured out a way to do it on my own but it was always a project. I found this new device called and axle Glade that has a camera attached to a little spoon like device that helps you get the gunk out of your head. Now that I’m handicap I get help from my aid but I’m always astonished at every 30 days the stuff that comes out of my ears and then my system sounds completely different. Which is where I was going with this long winded post. If you want your system to sound like you bought a new $10,000 DAC just take half an hour and get the gunk out of your ears. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. Here’s a link.
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If you can't hear it you can't fix it.  Pretty simple stuff. I did work with a Blind mechanic though.. Ford/Chrysler guy. Rudy Salazar. 

He had some serious EARS too.. He could HEAR.. Mechanics smoke a lot of times.. (I don't). Smoking and NOISE will cause your ears to overproduce CRAP.. Natures way of saying.. TAKE CARE OF ME..

Pay attention..

Good stuff Mr Ray Smith..

I'm only missing HALF an ear.. Just call me SUE. :-)

I wear ear plugs every night. Every morning when I take them out, wow I can hear everything just like new again!
Thanks OP. I've used a baby suction bulb with water & peroxide every couple of months for years. Works great. Only thing about ear plugs is you push wax in the opposite direction you want it to go.
I've been using hydrogen peroxide in my ears ever since I was a kid, laying on my aunt's lap, as she helped to get rid of my excessive wax. 
She was a nurse. Loved the way it tickles. 

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I'm with MC in a way. I never took them out through the day for 40 plus years. I drove home with ear plugs BEFORE service trucks HAD AC and never stopped the practice..

It would ruin a listen session driving home in 100 degree heat. With only a wing window (remember those) and safety glasses keeping the wind and BUGS  out of your EARS, EYES and TEETH!!

Demolition work, big breakers, and DEEP excavation is a real killer on ears.. Top Hammer drilling too.. LOUD.. Plugs, MUFFS.. and distance..
Everyone is in the hole, EVERYONE is making noise. Boy do I miss that.. LOL I like pulling my own teeth and smashing my fingers to remind me.. A needle in the eye every now and then. Just for good measure..

Self circumcision comes to mind too.. A day of work in the Imperial Valley CA Baha HA HA!!! 35 mph Santa Anna winds in 120 degree heat.. Vegas seems Easy after a few times there. Lose your hearing in the wind and sand..

These are nuggets newbies.. Take care of the AIRWAYS and the EAR WAYS FIRST.

Pays big time in the end..

Ear plug guy here since 35 or so. Saving what I have. Well worth it. Ear wax can be an issue though. Part deaf in one ear but I can get my rig to sound right, too me. Damn I'm old, over 60.
Forget the ear plugs.  What you want to to do is put on a blackout eye mask for several hours before each listening session.  The loss of sight really improves the other senses.  
“ I found this new device called axle Glade that has a camera attached to a little spoon like device that helps you get the gunk out of your head.”

Verry nice indeed! Has the spoon been Cryo treated? 
I've been using hydrogen peroxide in my ears ever since I was a kid,
laying on my aunt's lap, as she helped to get rid of my excessive
$12 Ear wax removal kit from local Walgreens every once on a while does the job for me.
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For those of you who attend very LOUD rock concerts here is something you might be interested in.  Earasers -  tuned ear plugs for musicians.

WHAT! NO Debrox recommendations?

Seems to be more effective than peroxide for me. Also use the cap end of a BIC pen for those pieces that feel "right there, if only I had something..."
Not sure if this is the west way to remove wax. When I am showering , I put a little soap in my ear and then let the shower run I'm my ear to clean it out.
Very neat! I watched the attached video and am wondering if it could also be used to inspect and photograph a stylus?
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I got it! Take the earwax and use it instead of the $600 contact enhancement stuff. 
Slay's technique is by far the safest, most effective means of clearing the ear wax - so, long as you use warm water and not too much pressure.  Use the alcohol dryer to dry them out afterwards.  Once a month keeps them clear.
Do not use the high pressure devices with a small nozzel, like the ENT's often use - they can very easily damage your ear drum.  
I find that when I awake in the morning, my earwax is soft. A Q-tip, though not advised my doctors, removes the wax with ease and no discomfort what so ever. My hearing is excellent. My selective hearing is another issue.
I've been using the ear water bulb wax removal stuff for many like a charm and is harmless. Somehow I doubt any ear doctor would recommend anything else. Health tip: Never try to blow the wax out of your ears with a small explosive.
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This is what my doctor used:  Amazon sells it.  It comes with a cup but use it in the shower for no mess.  Just use some ear solution like Debrox, plug your ears for 10 minutes, then irrigate.  Make sure the water in the bottle is warm and pump it a few times to warm up the tube.  You'll be astonished if you do this every few months.  Sometimes it's necessary to do the treatment two days in a row.  Once my ears were so full of wax when I returned home I had to turn the volume down on all my sound devices.  It's really the cheapest, most professional upgrade you can do for better sound.

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Reading a Fremer article on turntable floor bounce I took his suggests and placed a block of wood between my rack and the wall problem solved for free.
Also periodically cleaning all your connections and re terminating your speaker wires can be like you cleaned the wax out of your ears.