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Worst Speakers Ever??
Hey man do you want to buy some big speakers for $200? The ones you buy from two guys in a van that stopped me in the parking lot? I live in a large metro area ,and these guys stopped me 3 or 4 times. I wonder if it was a national marketing scam.... 
Songs you use when auditioning gear
@jastralfu  I think we have every Radiohead and Eno in our house. If you like techno try Kruder Dorfmeister- The K&D Sessions if you can find it. And Flight of the Hippo blue my mind as well  
Songs you use when auditioning gear
Hans Theseesink & Terry Evens- Delta Time Massive Attack- Mezzanine Radiohead- OK Computer Daft Punk- Random Access Memories Miles Davis- Kind of Blue Jeff Buckley- Grace https://www.whathifi.com/features/best-produced-recordings-to-te... 
JJ preamp tubes - repeated problems
I have heard that equipment manufacturers use JJ's because they last longer. I am not sure if its's true but my Luxman had JJ's with the Luxman branding. I will have to say that they do not sound good. I replaced them and it was a huge upgrade. Yo... 
Tweak Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps.
It's the VIBE man! very chill, gives you an eargasm   
Do people tire of audio forums?
Tire forms are much more tiring.  
Any recommendation for a CD changer?
or take a chance on a used one. Integra brand is owned by Onkyo.  
Any recommendation for a CD changer?
I use the Onkyo CX-390. in both my systems.It plays great if you have good quality recordings of course. $349. lots of features and good remote.  
looking for an integrated amp in the $1500 range
I don't work for The Music Room so check their policy before you buy. They will also negotiate the list prices.  
looking for an integrated amp in the $1500 range
An idea if you want to go used. The Music Room will give you a 45 day return window on their gear and sometimes will pay return shipping if you aren't happy for any reason. I have seen some good deals on amps there and they get new stuff all the t... 
Costliest Brainfart
I also had a Cayin tube amp. I decided to change the tubes from  EL34 to KT88. After the switch I turned on the amp to wam up and realized that I forgot to change the tube switch setting on the back to KT88.  I reached behind the amp and flipped i... 
Mixing tube brands
the Chinese call their Prima Luna gear knock off's Prima Donna's. Haha not making this up>  
First Tube amp suggestions
+1 for Cayin I have the CS 55A integrated with triode or ultalinear mode with tube upgrade upgrades to Gold Lion KT88's, PSvane 12AX7's and nos Mullard 12AU7's. I will play with the EL34 as well. It blows away my old Rogue Sphinx V1 hybrid. Most c... 
How much hum is normal from a new tube amp
@ltmandella My hum is coming from inside the unit  
How much hum is normal from a new tube amp
@macg19 That's pretty sweet looking, out of my budget though.