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Ps audio aspen FR 30 Loudspeakers
I concur 1000% with Randy Man. You cann disagree with design decisions or whether you like a speaker looks or sound. But you cannot question PS Audio’s integrity.  They are extremely transparent as a company and of course need to make money.     
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Revel Performa3 F206.  Not particularly high end but the look of them in walnut is fantastic.   I think they are beautiful.   
Ps audio aspen FR 30 Loudspeakers
Personally, I trust the guys from Audio Excellence Canada guys, who said the FR 30 sounds great.   
Pink Floyd’s brand new song
According to news reports, the Ukrainian artist sang this song and PF heard it. They then used that vocal  and gave it the backing track. It is a wonderful collaboration.   
Roon/Bluesound Node - adding new DAC (non Roon-Ready)
I agree.  Roon is very very confusing.  To be honest, while it is cool to discover different "versions" of albums or songs, I am not really taken by Roon.  I find the BluOS operating system to be much better.  I tend to just use that most of the t... 
Horn speakers for vintage sound
I have a pair of JBL 590 for Saale in okay condition for cheap.  But no shipping.   
Roon/Bluesound Node - adding new DAC (non Roon-Ready)
I have a similar set up. My Mac mini is the Roon device and my Bluesound node 2i is the Roon End point. Both need to be on the same internet network. Roon just controls and manages the music on Tidal and Qobuz. In other words I select the music ... 
Power Cable Break In - Such a Change!
Mr Skeptic,  PS Audio does some great videos addressing this.  It is not snake oil. It is complex physics.   Happy trails!  
Speakers: Anything really new under the sun?
Check out the new PS Audio speakers. You can find some great videos on ayouTube to see them in action at folks homes and hear PS Audiobtalk about them. Very interesting and new. Revel make some great more affordable speakers.  You can get them fro... 
Class-A Amplification and 15 Amp Outlet
Funny how a hair dryer and TV will trigger the circuit breaker but not stereo equipment.   
Speakers with a slightly warm midrange
Try Revel f208/206.    You should at least take a listen    
Speakers with a slightly warm midrange
Try Revel f208/206.    You should at least take a listen    
What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?
 Oh weir has Macintosh gear. Dan Rather interviewed him in front of the rack.  It sure about the speakers though.   
Looking for “just good enuf” for garage man cave
Try the PS AUDIO Sprout and some bookshelf speakers.  They gave a complete system for around $1,000.00 and some good reviews on YouTube. They also have an in home trial period so you can try it out. Good luck and have fun.     PS. Welcome to the... 
Thinking of taking the plunge.
Don’t minimize the importance of the user interface.  Bluesound is so easy to use right out of the box. Almost no learning curve.