Stereophile review of Millercarbon system featuring Tektron speakers

Looks like the former forum (?) member is active on a new venue and format.  Good for him:

Millercarbon Review at Stereophile

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This isn't even on the Millercarbon website. Lotta other stuff, not this. People know from being at the show, reading Stereophile, etc. 


Sorry to break the subject. I haven’t received the “recap” for a couple weeks. Am I the only one?

Sorry to break the subject. I haven’t received the “recap” for a couple weeks. Am I the only one?


Good on you for recognizing the online vs in person interaction dynamics. I run into mouthiness online but not in person. I guess it’s different when a person is out of slapping distance, haha. 

I try like you do to treat people well online or otherwise. 

Thanks for striving to be a gentlemen! 

His room was one of the only setups that created a good depth to the sound stage. Great performance for the dollar for his room.

@gladmo I disagree and wonder how you could even say that.  Now it could simply be what he was playing (Belafonte), or that fact that I went on the first day,  but his system sounded very ordinary.  I own upgraded Moabs and know how great they can sound carefully set up but the Millercarbon room was not special.  I was expecting much more.  And I have heard his system set up in his home a few years ago and it was much better there.  So perhaps just the room acoustics.

He looks so friendly in the photo.  

I suspect it's one of those things where someone is really nice and normal in person but their online persona, being buffered by the ether from actual human interaction, is the opposite.  

It's too bad because there is knowledge to be shared there, but not desirable if it has to come with the condescension and the vitriol it creates. 

I try not to say anything online I wouldn't say to someone's face.  Haven't always succeeded, but it is on my mind. 

One of the better systems at the show, all things related to hotel room acoustics considered. I doubt anyone that actually visited his room would disagree.

After reading his posts from all that time he was on this forum, it was nice to meet him in person. He doesn’t look at all like Einstein! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to really listen at any length to that setup. That's the downside of working at the show. I can only say that what I did hear (can’t remember what tracks now) made a positive first impression.

my heart goes out to el salvadoreans

let's hope they have nothing faster than dial up internet access 😂🤣😁😅😄😆

Love him or hate him it's possible that was his first and last show. I saw a post of his on the Decware FB group where he claimed he was moving to EL Salvador.

I have no idea of the history that's being referenced here but I will say I had the opportunity to speak with Chuck (on the phone) and it was a great extended conversation with a knowledgeable, experienced individual who has a well rounded perspective.

Unfortunately rare in this industry, I look forward to the opportunity to catch up with him again.

Kindest regards, Thomas Foti

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To add to @wolf_garcia ’s spot on post, I think one of the last straws was when he posted a movie clip that’s dialogue with a homophobic slur and the ’N’ word in a thread titled ’Is This Black Enough For You?’

What in the world was he thinking??!

Speaks volumes about the man. And, yes. I understand the premise of the clip.


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Gone baby gone! I think that's the quickest one out of all his personas.

Wonder who he'll come back as...

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this sad, lame person has 328 posts in 60 days since ’joining’ via this username

you see the ’system’ posted under the username?? and then in posts there are mentions of 20-30 thousand dollar dacs and amps... wtf... the joke is indeed on us if we take any of this drivel seriously

i would say he/she is exactly who you think he/she is... i just don't understand what is the nature of the sickness that leads someone to persistently carry on with this

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Tekton has been going long enough and Stereophile has never reviewed any. 

Stereophile has reviewed the Enzo XL and the Impact monitor. 

Right.  This isn't a review, it's a descriptive run-down with a few comments.

Tekton has been going long enough and Stereophile has never reviewed any.  So I conclude there must be some issue about them for John Atkinson and Jim Austin.

So it will be very interesting if Brian Damkroger can convince Jim they need a full review.  For my money, I would like to read one as opinions about Tekton are extremely polarised (to say the least).

I will refrain from praising or bashing MC.  Life Tennessee Moonshine, he was an acquired taste.


I am curious about the current health or status of Oldhvymech, or his username similar to that?  The Forum Member that always brought a smile to my face and chickens to the conversation.   I haven't chatted with him in almost a year.  Can anybody fill me in?

He was a lot more palatable than whitecamaross, but I don't miss him. Other members were always getting angry with him, and he seemed to enjoy that.

MC… the king of magic beans, pastes, pads, riser’s. Owner of the worlds best speakers designed by the best audio engineer bar none, I do miss having a good laugh !

Onward and upward 😎


Good for old Miller, I hope he’s happy and at peace. Same for the rest of you…

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"I'm happy for him, too. But why isn't he on Audiogon anymore?? I enjoyed reading his comments."

He got banned. And he at least had the decency to not come back pretending to be someone else.

You know, like @recklesskelly  keeps doing. This is at least his sixth username.

He'll deny it of course, just like he did with all his other usernames.

Perhaps you remember him as jerryg123, or earlflynn, or skypunk, or juanmanuelfangioii, or chicagoblue1977, or...









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I'm happy for him, too. But why isn't he on Audiogon anymore?? I enjoyed reading his comments.

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@jasonbourne71  or cable risers?   Where is the famous miller carbon turntable he bragged about?