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My history with treble.
Slowly I came to realize that what was happening was the better equipment was removing high frequency hash and distortion that I thought was “treble”.  I remember buying this incredibly well received power cord for digital. It further reduced th... 
Better Records vs MoFi
Search around, it's not about "check the deadwax", and its not "about finding the quiet copy". Man trying to get even simple facts straight around here is like you know what into the wind.  
And Awaaay We Go!
Reviewing been very, very good to me.  
Better Records vs MoFi
If you do, it will destroy whatever you thought was a good pressing. De. Stroy.   
Better Records vs MoFi
You all have been great thank you. Edisoncarter, thanks for explaining its bandwidth for a HSM. I’m now curious, if there’s a white hot stamper for a regular pressing of an album. Not that they sell them but, if I gathered 50 Mofi copies of Dark ... 
From whence does Sound Stage come?
Soundstage is in the mind. Mind models waveforms into 3D model of the world. Duh. Hearing differences, however big or small, is nothing to do with your system and everything to do with your mind. It only seems you can't hear because you aren't li... 
Graham Phantom Elite vs. AS Aquilar
Did not say continuous unbroken wire is enough to make every arm always better. Said nothing about Gospel. Merely said all those extra connections eliminate Graham for me. FWIW I’ve never even considered triplanars. Or Kuzma. I would say anyone un... 
Better Records vs MoFi
Their latest mailer had half a dozen White Hot Stampers $600-900. They were all SOLD. Within like a hour. So yeah we can't afford many, but someone sure can!   
Graham Phantom Elite vs. AS Aquilar
Graham makes a nice arm, but all the extra connections degrade sound so much it puts them out of contention for me. Unless you have lots of carts and enjoy swapping them out it is hard to see where you wouldn't be much better off without all that.... 
Better Records vs MoFi
But, can a great sounding regular pressing sound better than a half speed master? Yes. Much better. Not even close. Takes about 5 minutes to demo, after which you will never be the same again.  Doesn’t a HSM have more music data on it? No. ... 
Help me choice Audioquest speaker cables
Buying used you get what no one else wants. Read reviews, then search for used. Look for good reviews of cables rarely available for sale used. This indicates they actually work. People keep the good stuff, sell the junk. Think about it.  
It this a decent Phono setup?
Yes, decent. What do you mean, "mate"? Is something off? If upgrade, then source is most important and table most important of all.   
Stereophile review of Millercarbon system featuring Tektron speakers
This isn't even on the Millercarbon website. Lotta other stuff, not this. People know from being at the show, reading Stereophile, etc.     
Swiss Digital FUSE BOX Question Thread
Thanks Jerry, and you are hereby rewarded for bucking the accepted wisdom (gaslighting) on electricity with this: Take the slug they give you, stick it in a drill and go through a series of fine sanding and polishing until an almost mirror shine ... 
From whence does Sound Stage come?
Most of the time my laptop sounds like they usually do. Every once in a while I come across a YouTube video with music that makes my laptop throw a soundstage. It really is quite remarkable. This makes me think: exact same speakers, in exact same ...