RIP Jeff Beck

Too soon, even at age 78



Just caught the news on TV.

One of the few unique guitarists from arguably the "greatest era" of R&R that was still a playing.

Beyond legendary. 

Bacterial Meningitis-from the CDC site-"Bacterial meningitis is serious. Some people with the infection die and death can occur in as little as a few hours

According to reports, JB went quick. Sad.

Surprised and caught me off guard, so very sudden, now I am saddend by the  news. "Blow by Blow" was my favorite album for a few years. Very, very talented and innovative guitarist. God Bless Him and family. RIP.

One of the very select few who reinvented what you could do with an electric guitar. He could bend the strings better than anyone. That was his signature sound. Hendrix is the other one who made an electric guitar sound completely different than all others. 

Guitar shop with Terry Bozzio was Jeff's masterpiece imo.



Made me cry to hear of his passing. Just finished acquiring his final few albums last year. Some of his later recordings, including videos, were simply fabulous. He played wonderfully well right into his seventies and seemed to keep getting better. Not many rockers from the 1960’s you can say that of. Neil Young put out some great work well past the expriation date of most rockers, but no others from that era come to mind. Jeff was in a select group and we’ve lost a creative genius for sure.



I particularly treasure his Live at RONNIE SCOTTS.  Especially the very subdued and tasteful solo with Imogen Heap.  On a small stage he is stupendous.  The drummer and bass player and keyboards aren’t chopped liver either. 🧨

Yes this is another big lose to the fraternity but no one lives for ever.

can anyone name one other profession where people never retire and play to the day they die? To me this shows how much they love making and playing music. I would give my left nut to be able to play guitar. Tried and tried but could not make it work. Leaves me to enjoy the heck out of the music produced by the gifted ones who can! Thank God for them and thank God for the guitar!!!!

He will certainly be missed: RIP.

I'm reminded of a double bill when he toured Guitar Shop with Stevie Ray was a tremendous night for guitar lovers.

As an aside to that evening, Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons) almost stole the show with his masterful drumming; I'd never seen him prior nor since.

Blow by Blow, produced by George Martin, was a regret of his but is still one of my favorites.


My son saw him in orange Johnny Depp just a month ago.  He said he was still great. Depp not so much. RIP

Jeff Beck introduced me to many musicians I love today. Imelda May, Joss Stone and Tal Wilkenfeld, just to name a few. I will be forever in his debt.

His "Truth" album is still amazing and has licks that run through my head daily over 50 years later. The first time I saw him was Beck, Bogert & Apice's last show ever (Honolulu, with a Les Paul), and later saw him a couple of times during the "modern" era.'s  amazing a guitar player would invent a new personal guitar style mid career, which he did with his astonishing Strat technique...genius. He could burn it up with anything from Rockabilly to Benjamin Britton, utterly defying genres while presenting it all packed with soul and innovative beauty. I assumed he'd be around forever...damn...


Since you like Bozzio and in case you don't already know, check out Zappa's albums from 75 to 79, all featuring Bozzio. Some great albums in that period.


Thanks for the reminder about his time with Zappa!

Zoot Allures is still one of my favorites.....and who knows?....I might still end up working in a gas station......

Beck was one of the main influences on my electric-guitar playing.  I was very impressed with the Truth album, and later discovered his Yardbirds work and followed his career from then on.  Got to see him live 4 times, from the early '70s into the '90s, including the ARMS concert in San Francisco, where he was joined by Clapton and Page, two of my other influences.

I particularly like the 4 Jeff Beck Group albums, although Rough and Ready is a bit hit or miss, and Blow by Blow, for which I have the half-speed mastered LP.

Some of my own Dr. Muso recordings reflect Beck's influence.  You Beck fans might enjoy the opening tracks of my last two albums, A Legend in His Own Mind and It's Snot What You Think.  Also, the tune "It's Downhill From Here" on the latter album.  Both albums, as well as my first, are available on Qobuz, Tidal and the other streaming services, but in no better than CD quality, I'm afraid. 


He was so different from most other guitarists.  He did so many things, devoid of effects pedals, that made you sit up and say, "how did he do that?" He really explored the sound of the instrument.  His work with the Yardbirds and his Truth album were enough to put him forever on the top tier of rock guitarists in my book.

His performance at Crossroads was jaw-dropping IMHO. Does anyone know where to purchase the R&RHOF DVD of his induction in 2009 where he is dressed in white and plays with Jimmy Page?  I can't seem to find it? Thanks, guys!!


May he RIP

Loved his clean style


Many gems in Blow by Blow, Wired...There and Back

The ARMs concert in SF 83? got me started as well which turned out to be my favorite recording on a Sony walkman, at the time to get Jimmy Page

Dont forget his many collaborations....

Such as the solo in Rod Stewart’s Infatuation.



Haven’t heard “Truth “ or “Blow by Blow” in years but have enjoyed “Jeff”, “You Had It Coming”, and “Guitar Shop”. 
He will be missed…