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Similar to RV, I took the plunge with streaming (Aurender150) and Qobuz. I have been blown away by the quality of the stream even when comparing to my own cd with LPS.   Much better channel separation bass and detail . It is obvious to me, the d... 
Agree with ofdiofyl, the upgrade in sound is noticeable. Something I wasn’t expecting with N150. <was using modright oppo205 with cd collection and bluesound to Musical Paradise DAC; now using Aurender to Musical Paradise DAC. The Aurender now... 
Zu audio
What do you have, or like?    
Zu audio
Larryi, Im curious What are your speakers that you are referring to? < mentioned before edit?>    
Compatibility with Blusound Vault backup
Just to follow up. After spending days swapping cables, exchanging tubes, replacing dac, changing amps, I had learned from BS that there was a system wide faulty update that caused the problem. The new update seems to have miraculously fixed the p... 
Compatibility with Blusound Vault backup
That’s good to know  My mistake, I thought files in the BS back up drive could only be used by BS hardware. Thanks to everyone for your help  Wil look at melco going forward   
Compatibility with Blusound Vault backup
Can the data from BS hardrive be transferred? Is there a hack for their firewall? Don’t want to go through loading 4k discs again . Thanks  
Compatibility with Blusound Vault backup
One response from BS : “A network power reset should resolve this. Turn off all players and other network-attached devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones – Airplane mode can be enabled). Unplug any wireless extenders or repeaters you may ... 
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Ruins the Song ‘Money’!
The OP post link is simple clickbait for some @$$ hole talking about the song. otherwise agree with dissent regarding Roger Waters  
Can/Is AI Used To Post Threads on Audigon?
Check out this video at 31 minutes “Watch this:” per above poster stuartk Thanks I think this is the bottom line: It should be *required* that we know if a post or conversation is with an AI bot or g... 
A'gon joke...
Guys We got this  
RIP Jeff Beck
May he RIP Loved his clean style Truth Many gems in Blow by Blow, Wired...There and Back The ARMs concert in SF 83? got me started as well which turned out to be my favorite recording on a Sony walkman, at the time to get Jimmy Page Dont forg... 
Balanced versus single ended
Yess. I am aware of the point that long runs are best handeled by balanced connection. But I am talking short runs only, and my experience is still: balanced sounds better. Could this possibly be related to the increased gain(voltage)?, aside fr... 
Has the cost of HiFi gotten a bit too much?
The reality is, gas is the lifeblood of all things that have a cost. So yes  Biden and his admin are the cause for gas price elevation,  with a little icing by the Russian embargo. Printing money bodes for the future.  Essentially anything in yo... 
How to control volume for DAC with no volume control
The Bluesound volume control sounds fine with connections to solid state amification.   Not so when utilizing a tube DAC with the balanced connections. Musical Paradise DAC