Automated CD ripping to a server

Hi all,

I was looking at the Wyred-4-Sound site and saw the Music Server MS-1 in their product line, which is said to automatically rip a CD to its internal HDD when you insert one.     I have several hundred CDs that I want to rip, so that I can stream them through my new (not here yet but will be next week) Sonos Connect (to the DAC in  my Music-Hall c-dac15.3).   This semi-automated feature is attractive to me, as I can be ripping CDs while I work from home.

So my question is:   are there other devices that do this same function, but would rip them to the HDD on my laptop?  I do like the idea of a dedicated music server though...

Along those lines,  are there other , better options for an automated CD-ripper / music server for around the same price as the MS-1 (around $2k USD) ?      

Thanks in advance,

Eric Zwicky
Richmond VA