R.I.P. David Bowie

Passed yesterday after a long battle with cancer. He was 69 years old. Goodbye Major Tom, you will be missed.

Just came to post this because I just found out.

How sad. One of my all time favorite music artists.

R.I.P. David. Say hello to Ziggy...


What a loss. Just played Ziggy Stardust through and now Let's Dance, which was the Bowie I discovered on Friday Night Videos at ten years old. A true artist and visionary forever.
I saw him this weekend on "Live from the Artist's Den." It reminded me how much I always loved his music, especially the early albums; "Hunky Dory," "Ziggy Stardust." and Aladdin Sane." We saw him in 1972 in Santa Monica. I can't believe he is gone. Very, very sad!
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Bowie was certainly one of the most original artists of a generation. I think my favorite Bowie album is "Station to Station" or maybe "Young Americans", although the truth is that he has so many fantastic moments in his catalogue that it is hard to pick just one. The world needs artists to blaze new trails rather than just react to what labels think will sell. Bowie epitomized that spirit and will be missed. 
I was taken aback from the news this morning. Ziggy Stardust was one of my favorite albums when young. I saw him when he made a guest appearance with Morrissey and he got the place to it's feet. The stage just got a bit smaller.

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This is what happens to our generation now.....we lose the artists of our youth. 
Another one takes the stairway to heaven.Put on those dancin shoes and dance.RIP Mr. king of Ziggy Pop.
Beyond his personal output, Bowie was a very influential and interesting artist. Definitely a guy who made a difference in his own unique way and hard to ignore. An artist I still feel compelled to hear for fear of missing something at a minimum. His loss will surely be felt by many.
Oddly I know him more as an actor. Just re-watched Basquiat for the 10th or so time. He plays Andy Warhol in it, and it's utterly amazing how good he is in that role. Seriously, check it out. Also an intense noir called The Hunger, similarly superb.
A true originator and innovator, genius artist - Starman - continue to make heavenly music! 
He truly was a soaring brilliant star. He had it all - talent, charisma, charm, humility, humour, gorgeous wife etc etc. I am so glad that he had made such a long, varied and thrilling contribution to the world of art. I listened to Young Americans, Let's Dance and Ziggy as a tribute. An artist liked by lovers of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, Techno, Folk, Classic etc etc.
I grew up on David Bowie, ziggy star dust,  my favorite! , we lost an excellent artist. 
David has been part of my rotation for 30 plus years. Its nice that someone with his level of talent and creativity also cared about the recording quality. My favorite from him is hunky dory. I'll check out his latest when its released on vinyl. Aladin Sane has some of the nicest key boards of any rock album ever. Simply beautiful. 
A Facebook "friend" (I know him from the record business) tonight posted that Bowies death is the greatest loss to music since John Lennon. Really? I responded with a list of the musical people who have died since 1980, reminding him of each of them in case he had forgotten. Bowie, a bigger loss than Ray Charles? I, myself, consider that absurd. But, as I stated in that Facebook posting, it may be a generational thing; I was already an adult when Bowie made his appearance.

"You know who I am," he said

The speaker was an angel

He coughed and shook his crumpled wings

Closed his eyes and moved his lips

"It's time we should be going"...

...Waiting so long, I've been waiting so, waiting so

Look back in anger, see it in my eyes, Till you come

Bowie is one of the few artists whose records survived my transition from metal pop to more modern fare in the early '80s.  His talent and passion showed through in everything he did.  I especially enjoyed his rare acting appearances, especially his role as Pontius Pilate in "The Last Temptation of Christ."  Brilliant, as was everything he set himself to.

He passed as he lived, away from the glare of publicity, allowing his art to speak for itself.

He will be greatly missed.  Rest in peace, Ziggy.

Traveling this evening in reverse from Black Star to Scary Monsters, Lodger, and Heroes. Every stage of his career ages gracefully. On balance he equals Lennon as a composer and Jagger as a singer and performer. And in the manner of his passing, what grandeur as an artist and modesty as a celebrity!
No one has mentioned "The Man Who Fell to Earth," a stellar performance on film. 
The local classical radio station played his reading of "Peter and the Wolf" (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orch.) yesterday.  He was quite an entertainer.

A true original who reinvented himself many times as the years went by...I've been non stop listening to his music since his passing and have now come to really appreciate the genius that he was.  Even the songs I've heard and started to dislike because I heard them so much, I now appreciate....

I do not have all his lps and still need to hear Hunky Dory and Young Americans in its entirety and some of the later ones.

What are your top 5 favorites?

Mine are:  Life on Mars, Station to Station, Sweet Thing, Ashes to Ashes, Panic in Detroit

RIP Starman....

Was waiting for this memoriam to start on AG after Bowie's passing.  First time. I saw Bowie he was Ziggy Stardust.  The performance was at the now defunct Winterland Area in San Francisco, Not sure, but the year was about 1974.    I was never into andgrogenous   performrers  or their music.  Alice Cooper and most of his tunes were a bore.  However,  Bowie and his backup band were outstanding  that night. Some songs were real rockers, and others thoughtful, lyrical  and to degree offered haunting melodies. 

It took about 20 years after that night at Winterland   for me to revisit Bowie's music, and he had written a boatload in that time. Ziggy StarDust had been released on the Mobile Fidelity Label, and I realized that this man was either a genius or had a studio on Mars.  Some years later, for matters of convenience, I picked up a "Best of Bowie"  collection in 2000 which  reconfirmed (to me) his  compositional skills, lyrical development, melody, and presentation  and which touched almost every track on this composite CD.  Anyone who loves popular music must occasionally return to these tunes for their creativity  and musicianship.  

The music world has lost a great artist and a good man.  He will be sorely missed. by those who love popular rock music.        

Just finished listening to the entire "Ziggy Stardust" album from start to finish.  Haven't heard it in years, but (I'm sorry to say) David's passing has re-ignited my passion for his music.  He was a rare musical genius who knew exact what he was doing and exactly what we wanted to hear.  RIP Mr. Bowie ...... you were truly one of a kind.

David Bowie was a performance artist who happened to use music as part of his medium.  And...oh yeah...ended up being one of the best vocalists and songwriters of all time. Truly a massive loss.  RIP and thank you.  
While I don't own a single Bowie record,  his passing actually made me stop the car when I heard the news.  Even without a single record in my collection he got enough airplay on what's left of the "radio" to keep me listening.  I've just downloaded his complete catalogue this morning.  I'd forgotten how much I liked his music.

Many of the tributes,  memorials and whatnot that have since been aired on the waves and television have done well to illustrate his sense of humor,  intelligence,  and artistry.  His contribution to music,  and popular culture in general runs deep - the list of artists naming him as an influence is endless.

A class act,  and a good human being.