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Stupid Question Alert!!!
pennsy...thank you! 
Wireless Speakers for Home Theater Set Up
most likely 5  the TV is an LG 65E9600....pretty good tv. 
Newbie With Magnepan 1.7is
I also have 1.7's....and Mye Stands were a real improvement.  
Getting Personal Property Insurance for your rig.
High end stereo would fall outside the normal parameters of Person Property on a standard HO-3 Homeowners Policy. You need to put it into a special "Scheduled Personal Property"  (sometimes called a Property Floater) endorsement. This same endorse... 
120 gb MP3 Player for Auto Stereo Kenwood Excelon DDX9903S
I have a 120gb stick....they're almost free these days....but I want album art and I do not think a USB stick will provide this...I'll try... ... 
120 gb MP3 Player for Auto Stereo Kenwood Excelon DDX9903S
I went with a  Fiio X5  
R.I.P. David Bowie
This is what happens to our generation now.....we lose the artists of our youth.  
LG OLED wife and I saw it at the Best Buy store in Carson City NV for $5999 and it was on sale for $4999 about two days after Christmas. My wife did the on line shopping and found it for $4500 (plus shipping) from some brand X on line store. ... 
At 2:30 today my 65eg9600 gets delivered....I paid $4750 @ Best Buy...the prices are coming down 
I am sick of Adele
I'm a big fan of her had me the first time I heard it. It was early June 2011. Ditto with the Amy Winehouse. 
Rock with strings
ELO all day long!!! 
Best used floor standers up to $1300
Magnepan 1.7's can be had (and cherished) near this price... 
Be honest please
"Do you look down on people that participate on audio websites and brag about dumpster diving to find audio gear or finding gear at the Salvation Army?"No...I don't even look down on my friends bragging about their Bose system. 
Compressing Music Files For Thumb Drive In Car
Do I need to rip the CDs again through DBpoweramp? I can'f just copy them from my existing library and burn the copy at 320k? 
Compressing Music Files For Thumb Drive In Car
I already have DBpoweramp...thank you all for the great advice....