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A.I. music
I certainly appreciate this conversation and while some of us may disagree, that's okay because we are dealing with something completely brand new....at least for us lay people, I won't go into it here but I will argue until I'm blue in the face t... 
A.I. music
@8th-note I have to disagree with hour premise about all new music is rehashed from others. I’m no scientist but I have long been fascinated by how musical artists come up with their music. I’m talking about truly creative artists not pop artists ... 
A.I. music
AI isn’t really intelligent. It’s a data mining algorithm. It creates nothing on its own without referencing human work. It just accesses what is already created very well and can assemble it however it is asked to perform.  
I am about to embark on my next upgrade journey
Picking up on the comments of @jfrmusic I have a pair of Spendor A6R's for sale over the other U.S. Mart that you may want to consider. They are not stand mount but occupy about the same space. They feature a transmission line cabinet and are know... 
A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
You don’t want to worry about updates? Everything that uses software has updates, you want to have updates or your device will become useless over time. Aurender is a great choice.  
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
Just buy these and take 25% off for the exchange rate. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/650044317-klipschorn-ak6-crossover/    
Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!
@dekay  Don’t you know, you can tune a piano but you can’t tune a fish!  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I have purchased all of the speakers I have owned without audition. I research, research, research then I decide. I purchased my current Legacy Audio Focus SE's without hearing them and couldn't be happier!  
list of speakers
How in the world did you leave Legacy Audio off the list? 😁  
Why do I prefer R2R over Chip based DAC's?
Just look for a Holo Audio May and your journey will end.   
Still Looking for a DAC - Audio Mirror Tubadour v and ANK Audio 5.1
@hasmarto Ok, then that was a good question then. Weird!  
Still Looking for a DAC - Audio Mirror Tubadour v and ANK Audio 5.1
How is a DAC incompatible?  
My speaker upgrade journey - and a few questions
My first impression would be to use a tube pre with those speakers. But if you’re sticking with the Hegel then it’s a moot point.  
2024 Audio System Wish List
Build my Audio Note kit speakers. They will be finished in hickory.  
Did I damage my new amp
I learned this the hard way also. My tv remote triggers my preamp so I put on some music and the volume control was at about 3:00. Normal loud volume is at 10:00 so I was instantly blown out of my chair. That’s just one more thing to be aware of. ...