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Need new speakers to pair with my Luxman MQ88uc amp
You can get Fyne 502sp for $3k? Pounce. I owned the 501 & 502 (non sp). Their bass is startling. Plus they have the magic Tannoy mids & imaging.   
Good Baritone Sax Recording?
I snagged an in store copy of Pepper's 'Live at the room at the top' a few months back. Played a few times then sold on discogs. It's a major blowing session, to hot for my taste. But it's def legit historical record with interesting backstory.   
So This Really Is The End....
Can't stand vague titles like this. Make the title fit the content eg about the record shop or 'Cincinnati fans' or something coherent.   
G Rated Comments About the Relevance of Pink Floyd’s Animals Album:
Floyd fans? Check this out:  https://vampireselfies.blogspot.com/2021/11/theres-chinese-tunnels-under-boise.html  
The best speaker cables you’ve had
owned - Fidelium. Best in world at any price. Literally the best.   
Vertical vs Horizontal Bi-amp
In my rig vertical slays horizonal. No contest. But it's a totally different approach of course.   
Are There Any Stereo Bluetooth Speakers?
Audioengine.com makes banging affordable gear.   
Anyone prefer horizontal bi-amping their monos?
I'm the OP, chiming back in now that I've been listing vertical for a few months. So I did try horizontal bi-amping for a few days. Then I tried the vertical config. No contest. Whatsoever. The vertical made everything bigger, louder, clearer. Sol... 
Is Bob Weir Redefining State of the Art Recording?
need more details   
How to pack floor standing speakers for shipping
Why would anyone part with Triton Reference?  
Forget neutrality, what is your favorite lying, euphonic, juicy bit of kit?
I never chased neutrality, at least not in many years. In fact I've sold gear that sounded dry. I sold my beastly Magtech amp a few months back actually as it was so dry. Now I have all tube rig with vinyl & I'm dazzled when I play my jazz rec... 
Chat GPT wrote a poem about digital vs analog
Is this for real?   
Preamp for VPI Prime 21 turntable $300-800
Parks Audio - Puffin. Wholly unique design. Nothing like it really. I bought mine a couple months back and am dazzled at the sound (& endless options).  
Harbeth C7ESXD tube amp recommendation
A pair of the new Carver Black Magic are having my kef blade2 sing & dance. Checked them out yet? Home trial also.   
Anyone else never get tired of Billie Holiday?
I dig 'Songs for Distingué Lovers' the bestest. Dig also 'Body & Soul' also 'Music for Torching.'