Machina Dynamica New Dark Matter CD and Blu Ray tray treatment?

This is a set of adhesive-backed thin plastic pieces that one attaches to one’s transport or player disc tray. The disk rests on them during non-spin mode, but presumably don’t touch the applied thin pieces during playback mode. The company says the new Dark Matter pieces reduces background scattered light from reaching the photodetector, thereby improving performance. 

Anyone tried this product? Please specify transport or player if you have and your impressions. 
Machina Dynamica is the creation of Audiogon's reigning theoretical physicist, (codenamed) geoffkait. Do a web search and you will find the most interesting things. His website provides a lifetime supply of word salad. 

Go to this web page and you will find this comment: 
 I know the guy and he's a regular at several hi-fi type forums I visit. He got so sick of seeing BS audio products being sold to the gullible that he created these bogus products as a joke.

We report. You decide. DYODD.
I’m well aware. 

I’m surprised that Tweak1 didn’t make the first post here. He’s posted the identical rave posts on several other threads. 
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@elizabeth  I tried the same refrig magnets and yes they do work, maybe not to the effect the ones selling for $600 do (but don't know since I've not compared) but others should try this tweek out and let all know their experience.
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And I’m sure there is synergy between these magnet-backed whiteboards and the New Dark Matter discs. But should not the Whiteboards be Blackboards?
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Dark matter. The Olive Garden size word salad that is Machina Dynamica is full of misnomers like this one. Dark matter was coined by astronomers to mean the mass they knew had to be there but could not be seen. It wasn't radiating, like a star. It wasn't occluding, like a nebula. Its important to understand dark matter doesn't even refer to matter per se. It refers to what cannot be observed but is inferred to be there. 

This is just one of many misnomers plastered all over Machina Dynamica. There are space alien abductees that make more sense than this. Not all of them. But some.

The only really interesting question is: Which Ethan Winer is right? 

This Ethan Winer?
Geoff is totally serious. He's a total goof ball. Go to the Stereophile forum and you'll see what he's like in person. Hint: It's not pretty.
Or this Ethan Winer?
It's not serious, that's why I said it's a joke. I know the guy and he's a regular at several hi-fi type forums I visit. He got so sick of seeing BS audio products being sold to the gullible that he created these bogus products as a joke. But you have to admit he got the tone of the wording down pretty well! 

Longest running act since Cat's? Or the cat is cuckoo? 
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Best post ever by Eliz.  Plus infinity to her thoughtful comment.  So true it should sink deeply into each of our minds before posting some of the harsh words I so regularly read here. Best post award! 
LOL, it seems several of my posts about my personal experience using NDM were summarily removed by the mods

It is the most fantastic CD tweak i have tried. Far superior to Code Name Turquoise, green/black edges and even using the german ~ $1000 edge cutting device, which I had access to and cut a lot of discs

Anyone suggesting NDM a $5-600 item has no clue regarding either it's price ($39 for 10) or its amazing benefit
Created this thread for You!  Hopefully all of your NDM posts can get sucked into the black hole of this thread. 
Bad behavior is bad behavior. Most will and should give benefit of the doubt and accept apologies for bad behavior if offered. Otherwise if it walks like a duck.......

Being funny in the process does not transform dishonesty and contempt into something acceptable. It is just a further form of dishonesty and contempt. 

Sorry not buying it.
Tweak1, when unrelated posts make their way into threads, moderators might view them as spam and remove them.
So my ten cents.

Geoff gave me one of his modded Sony Discman players for postage money.
It works VERY well indeed.
Last week Geoff sent me a packet of the NDM to try in it.
Honestly I swear there is a bit more detail to a well known CD I played through it.
Now let this sink in, I am not having to justify any purchase here.......

I could just as easy say it's all crap.

But I honestly think it works, at least in my Discman in my system.

And you can say what you like about the guy, with actions like that he cannot be all that he is somewhat painted to be.
Sure an abrasive nature but you have not caught me on a bad day yet.... Lol.

"So I say it does not matter what someone says about Geoff."

Does it matter what he says to others?

" should sink deeply into each of our minds before posting some of the harsh words I so regularly read here."

geoffkait, are you paying attention?

I have 3 more product to do my listening tests on (sorry Geoff another one came in that I have to do) and then I’m going to do Geoff’s NDM. I’ll do a thread on TuneLand once I get rolling.

There’s two clear sides to this hobby that I started a thread on a while ago. "talk but not walk?" I started that thread on the request of Agon members emailing me privately about the state of audio forums and how far off the hobby track they are. This was not my first experience with audio forum weirdness. On the Stereophile forum I went through something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I was sucked into the most ugly audio experience of my life. I didn’t know what internet trolling even was till I went through it first hand. IMO the Stereophile forum is permanently damaged goods now. As well it has become a graveyard of activity since (haven’t looked at it in quite a while, maybe it has changed, don’t know don’t care). JA has lost my respect as a forum mod, so be it. To me it shows his lack of caring for the hobby he has profited from so majorly or maybe I just don’t appreciate his sense of humor. I’ve told him this directly so I’ve done my duty. At the same time I respect his right to run his promotions his own way. It’s a little on the funny side to be honest now that HEA is on it’s last leg in many regards. If HEA is in his care at the moment, JA has one ill child to look after and maybe he himself has been slipping in spoonfuls of rat poison from time to time just for the grins of it. A little British humor of my own.

Posting "talk not walk" I knew exactly what was going to happen or at least thought I did. I’m sure I received well over a hundred emails telling me to give it to those who belittled our lifestyle and dumbed down the hobby so badly. My response though to alot of those folks was does it really matter. HEA now is a tiny representation of what it once was and have could have been, so me adding my hammer might be too little too late anyway. The speeding decline is gaining volume daily as it is. However it did flush out the active trolls here and makes it easy to spot them. Now you can look at a thread and within the first page choose who you are going to talk to and who to ignore.


This isn’t the end of the story because what I was missing several years ago is something I have always made a part of my life’s work but somehow wasn’t able to read between the lines because I was trying to understand two people in particular through my eyes instead of theirs. My moto is "everything affects everything else" and as much as I understood this with Tuning in the case of Geoff and May I wasn’t grasping this humanly. On one side I was faithful to both of them and on my own did the experiments they suggested. When I was asked about the results I gave a faithful account. When not asked I didn’t volunteer but still did the testing. I did the listening tests because it’s important to me to be in the know. I don’t necessarily care about someone else’s physics, in this hobby they’re a dime a dozen and everyone wants to be the audio golden ear guru for all time lol. Big deal :) At the same time everything really does affect everything else, that’s the way our planet and life itself works and always has. Personalities are just the icing on the cake. We can choose to scrape off that icing anytime we want and get down to the business of listening and that’s my cup of tea.

The guy who doesn’t take the time to "do" this life experiment and still talks about it as if they know what they are talking about is the guy short changing his or her own life, I’m not that guy. I have no rights if I don’t explore the possibilities regardless who I might, or what I might think, the person presenting the idea is about. Geoff Kait is as legitimate as I choose to make him, but only if I take the time to respect his ideas, products and relevance. Over the last 3 years I would guess I’ve had 30 or so audio toys sent to me to explore the possible contribution to the sound. In every case they have indeed affected the audio. To the positive or negative completely depends on the application and desired results.

A few days ago I received my sample from Geoff and my responsibility is to find where I think the product might work the best and for who, looking for what. Geoff at this point is as high on my list as the company who sent us their $25,000.00 mono block amps. Wouldn’t it be totally cool if Geoff created the perfect CD tune? I think it would be anyway. Wouldn't it be great if Geoff really was the smartest guy on campus? Wouldn't it also be great if all Geoff has been trying to do is get us to relax a little, and we simply didn't understand his sense of humor? Wouldn't it be great if at the end of the day we realized we were all family? If so, I think some of us should still hold Geoff down and give him a serious torture tickling from time to time.

Michael Green

uberw, et al,

I remember way back in 2004ish at the Chicago Shw seeing the Disc Cutter. My biz partner at the time bought 2 identical discs, one was edge cut.He brought a cheapo portable radio/ cd player. seem impossible tht we would hear anything. And yet,: the improvement wasn't night and day, but it was obvious, pointing out the limitations of the equipment used for evaluation

Had I heard the NDMs in my system prior to making ONE cable change (from a quality toslink to a prototype coax) I probably wouldn't be as over-the-top as I am for the HUGE improvements I am hearing with NDM

I took the plunge and purchased the Machina Dynamica ndm tweak last week..I figured, why won't bust the bank..and if it does..I am in the wrong hobby for sure 8). Truthfully,I wasn't expecting to much from it and made the decision to go ahead and give it a whirl anyway. For whats its worth..I do like tweaking my system if the money involved is not to cost prohibitive. After following Geoff's installation instructions,I sat down and hit play on my PS Audio DMP transport. 

Well..I must say.. I did hear an immediate sound change.Whether or not you do is dependent on your system I would guess. What struck me straight up was a more cohesiveness to the musical fabric across the frequency range,maybe a bit less low level distortion coming through? The whole of the presentation seemed a little darker in character overall [like swapping driver tubes in my preamp]..not a bad thing,but of course, it will be a system dependent and personal like or dislike condition I would think. Is it a cd media digital playback game changer? No,not for me at least.. But I decided to leave ndm in for the time being as to get a better handle on it with some more listening time down the road.. but.. I can recommend trying it if the tweaker in you needs to know if it would,or could, make an improvement in your system.  
For those who have tried the NDM thingies, are you using a front-loader or top-loader? Any above-disc clapping being used? 
Four days without a post anywhere by Geoff, what's up with that?
Not sure I would waste time commenting on a thread about myself or my products unless specifically requested to.
GK likely has more sense than that and knows the vultures are gathering overhead......
"Four days without a post anywhere by Geoff, what’s up with that?"
Is that true? It is understandable he does not post here but does he post elsewhere? If not, has anyone heard from him over the last four days? I hope he is well.
good to hear uberwaltz.  Now that I know he is ok, its kind of nice not having to hear about his wire directionality mumbo jumbo.LOL
Since no one mentioned the science, the LED light is focused and polarized. By design, it takes care of all this "green sharpie"  style nonsense on its own.
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Great analogy Elizabeth.
Never even really stopped to think about it that way.

Maybe that's why bees are disappearing?
Somebody told them they can't fly and they listened.....
Yeah, I worry about using these thingies in a magnetically-clamped top-loader set up. Seems like doom and gloom would arise. This sort of post should cause Geoff to arise and speak about the perils.
At least we have an answer to the question about bees and flying. Probably the only thing we have learned so far.
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aolmrd1241756 posts02-14-2019 11:27amI made the decision that ndm is not going to make the grade in my system.Just to dark sounding for my tastes. If you own a cd player that is a bit aggressive in the treble region,this may be just the ticket for you.

>>>>That’s weird, everyone else hears more air, more shimmering sparkling high frequencies, much more information and much better bass performance. Oh, well, I take the sweet and sour. 😝 Every system is different. 😬

Let’s not forget, there are many reasons some people don’t get the results they were expecting with tweaks, generally speaking. 
It was actually the big ol’ Bumblebee 🐝 that had the reputation it was too heavy and it’s wings too small to fly. Kind of like the Space Shuttle, the Flying Brick 🧱 
ieales284 posts02-11-2019 11:57am@millercarbon:
Since no one mentioned the science, the LED light is focused and polarized. By design, it takes care of all this "green sharpie" style nonsense on its own.

>>>>>Huh? Nobody said the CD laser (it’s not an LED) is not focused or polarized. Specifically the laser is a “Quantum well.” The reason the CD laser beam is focused is because it’s coherent light. Polarized light would not be immune to the Green Pen, anyway. It’s the wavelength of the light that’s the issue.