Machina Dynamica under 'table?

I have checked the archives and found some good press on the Promethean isolation platform. Are there any new users or experience with it under a turntable? I have one arriving today to go under my Spacedeck which resides on a rack on a sprung floor. I am hoping this eliminates the remainder of floorborne vibrations that my existing Neuance/DH Cones didn't solve. And as a side note, I am expecting the sound to be improved too.

Any thoughts?

I tried one under my Acoustic Solid One. I can report that it's too compliant under a table that heavy and with an outboard motor. Despite Geoff's very helpful advice, it was nearly impossible to find a position for the springs that is both level and non-responsive to any vibration from the motor pod. I nearly lost my mind trying to make it work. YMMV with the Nottingham.

Note: I now use two maple blocks with 3 industrial McMaster-Carr air bladders between them, on Harry Weisfeld's recommendation. Works very, very well. They don't lose air either.

RE: "Any thoughts?"

yep...get your deck off the floor rack and use
a wall mount

I used a Nimbus under my previous turntables to good effect. The improvement with the SOTA Cosmos, admittedly rather heavy for the Nimbus, was good, while the improvement with the Linn Sondek was stunning. I don't have experience with the Promethean, although it can take a lot more weight depending upon the springs used, so it's definitely worth a try. Microseismic very low frequency vibration is effectively dealt with on these devices. I use a Nimbus under my CD transport and wouldn't be without it.

I first set up the Promethean on my VTI rack. This was a disaster as the rack was amplifying minute floor vibrations and transferring them to the springs. Not good. As per Geoff's advice, I placed everything on the floor which consists of the following in order:

DH Cones
MDF shelf
Neuance shelf
Nottingham base

This made a dramatic improvement. Almost ZERO floorborne vibrations. If you jump up and down directly beside the 'table, the springs are excited, but anything close to normal behavior in the room does absoltely nothing to upset the apple cart. And the real benefit is the improvement in sound quality that this wrought. Images are more focused and stable, bass is better defined, and dynamics seem to be more....., well, dynamic.

For Carterham.

I do have a wall mounted shelf that I used in the past and it is still mounted, my Nitty Gritty currently resides there. It is on a side wall, and my rack is now on the front wall with a double bay window directly behind. The only way to get it back on that shelf is with extra long ICs, and I'm not going there. I did, however, try that configuration last week temporarily, and I actually prefer the table on the Promethean.

My thanks to Geoff for his patience and help over the phone.

Cool, Ozzy!
Looks like you might have solved your problem after all! I might have to visit now! :-)
Do post a pix in your system whenever you get a chance. Thanx.